Who am I?

1.       Program Manager in the Microsoft Visual Studio Team System.

2.       Part of the team building the Visual Studio Team System 2010 Lab Management product.

3.       Joined Microsoft India Development Center, Hyderabad in June 2005 and worked as a tester in the Windows Live ID team for the first two years.

What to expect here?

1.       VSTS Lab Management - I’ll start with the introduction and then go deeper into the pain points we try to solve, and how the features will help you.

2.       Technical - Stuff that I like and think might be useful.

3.       General – Random ramblings, what is on top of my mind.

Why should you care?

1.       I was a tester before and am now building tools that make testers lives better. You can relate to my experiences.

2.       Get deeper insight into some of the features of Lab Management and how to get the most of them.