Big thanks to my teammate, Kevin Briody for the airtime on his personal blog. 

At the end of the post, Kevin asks why more Microsoft marketers don't blog.  Here's my take on what's in the mind of the marketer on blogs;

1) Developers are harsh.  "So what!?!" you may say.  "Didn't you guys know that when you took a job working with Developers?" you may also say.  As it relates to MSDN, I think that many marketers are fearful that they'll get flamed because the widespread perception of this audience is that "marketing is fluff."  I seem remember a TON of flame when Scoble went off on the MSN Found campaign.  Personally, I look forward to getting scorched a little--it'll make me better, as I imagine it made someone on the MSN team better.  But I can understand the tendency to recoil from the flames.

2) The light hasn't gone on.  For many, the light just hasn't gone on in terms of recognizing the power that is inherent in blogs as both a listening tool and a transparency tool.  Some folks need some help to see the value . George from MSDN Webcasts gets it.  When it comes right down to it, our job as marketers is to represent the needs of a segment of people.  Can it possibly be a bad thing to engage in "conversation" with people about how to do that job better? 

3) Time is precious.  We work in a bit of a pressure cooker here.  It's the same here as it is all over--be "efficacious" and do more with less.  I think that folks are worried that blogging would take more time than they have to give.  I would argue that the return-for-time-spent calculation would bear out that blogging is a good use of time. 

So the real question is "Do Developers *really* want to read marketers' blogs?"  I can't say that I know for certain but my guess is that they do...if for no other reason but to tell us marketers that we're cracked! :)