I've been promising this for a while but it's FINALLY here!  Here’s the quick scoop;

Info for students:
You will compete, directly online, with students all over the US to see who has the best programming skills. brings together an imaginative background story, comic-style graphics and fun programming challenges. Student will devise strategies and write code for navigating a team of nanobots through life-saving missions and objectives through a map of the human body.  We'll provide the tools, you'll provide the smarts and your coding skills could win you an Xbox 360 console.  Students who want to self-start there are several tutorials You can register at the Project Hoshimi site and get started with the Quickstart Guide.  Be sure to check out the competition guidelines for info on how its structured and key dates.

Info for teachers:
We’ve posted a Project Hoshimi Programming Battle Teacher’s Guide on MainFunction.  This guide points to two sets of Teaching Objects we’ve created to support this—one is a set for teaching fundamentals and a set created specifically for the Project Hoshimi SDK.  Each Teaching Object includes;

-An in depth how-to article to familiarize you with the topic.
-PowerPoint slides to deliver the lesson to your students.
-Project files with sample code for you and your students to get started.
-Exercises to practice the skills and master the concepts.

You can check out this video to get a sense of what it's all about.

Good luck and GET GOING! :)