July, 2006

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    Conceptual Schema

    When I first started working on commercial relational databases in the early 1980’s the questions of the day were as basic as “Can the relational database be used for commercial software?” In those days the breakthrough from a programmer perspective...
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    What is 'SQL Server Everywhere Edition'?

    So, what is 'SQL Server Everywhere Edition'? Answer? Check out this Channel 9 video with Anil Nori (Distinguished Engineer), Steve Lasker and Carlton Lane Review this SQL Everywhere FAQ (by Steve Lasker ) Visit the SQL Server Everywhere...
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    Entities in Olympus and Channel 9...

    While watching Jim Gray's PASS video that Alex referenced in the previous post it reminded me that while I’ve been building commercial relational database systems for 20+ years, I've have had the opportunity to work with Jim Gray twice in my career. If...
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