The Astoria Team is happy to announce the availability of an add-on to the Astoria May CTP that contains a version of the Astoria client library for use in Microsoft Silverlight Alpha 1.1 applications.


The original May CTP release included a client library, but the library was only written to target the .NET Framework and it could not be used in the Silverlight environment. Accessing Astoria services from Silverlight was still possible using the HTTP interface, but this client library simplifies the task of interacting with Astoria data services,  making this a valuable download.


The library exposes the same API the original client library makes available, with the addition of an option to execute queries asynchronously.


This is still an experimental release of the Astoria technology. It is not ready for production, but it does illustrate our current thinking and direction. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback on the API design choices, expectations, behaviors, etc.


The CTP add-on is available on the Astoria site.


Elisa Flasko

Community Program Manager, Data Programmability