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  • Blog Post: PowerBI - complete Self Service BI solution in Excel

    Power BI is a self service and intuitive solution for all of your data needs delivered in Excel. New data discovery, Analysis and Visualization are provided in Excel Powerful Online Search returns results from within your organization and valuable external data sources which you can combine for...
  • Blog Post: Forecasting Sales data with Excel mining - Step by Step Guide

    Mining is a service and can be coded. This means that it is enterprise ready. Mining can be done using Excel SSDT PowerShell and SSMS Analysis Services service should be "ON" for mining to run Using a combination of basic PowerPivot and Mining Plugins for Excel 2013, let us create...
  • Blog Post: Getting started with Self Service BI using Power View

    Self Service BI capability is “THE” thing that senior executives want. IT on the other hand want it too. No matter how often the report format has been scrutinized there is always a tweak required which would make the IT team very transactional and operational. Reporting tools no doubt have...
  • Blog Post: Data Mining Plugin for Excel 2013

    Data mining option is a plugin for Excel 2013. You can build powerful mining models and even work with a range of data in excel sheet to exploit the power of mining in a simple and intuitive way. Download the data mining plugin for office 2013 from the link below.
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