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February, 2006

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    A ConnectionScope class. [Alazel Acheson]

    I’ve heard a few comments from people who would like an easier way to manage connection lifetime & use across multiple methods. Most often, the problem is due to using a TransactionScope at an higher level, but opening and closing connections inside...
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    Getting Schema in ADO.Net 2.0

    Carl Perry, a Program Manager from our ADO .Net team has blogged about how to use and extend the new MetaData Schema functionality in ADO .Net 2.0. The blog is here: This is one blog that...
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    .NET Rocks! - LINQ with Barry Gervin

    Over at .Net Rocks!, Regional Director Barry Gervin introduces LINQ , a nascent set of language extentions providing query services for list-based objects. - Alex Barnett, Community Program Manager
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