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    The SSIS and Excel Story Continues

    Folks, in my continued experimentation with SSIS and Excel I found out another roadblock which is typically permission related and want to highlight the same in this post. This time I used the script task to read and save an Excel (.xls) document using...
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    Importing Excel 2010 Data into Sql Server

    Guys, I was really excited to find out that Excel 2010 overcomes the limitation of having a maximum number of 255 columns in a worksheet. Personally I always wanted Excel to get around this column limitation while storing data. However, I wanted to share...
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    Basic troubleshooting for SSIS

    This is a video blog about troubleshooting basic SSIS issues. It basically covers 4 topics –: 1) SSIS Service 2) SSIS troubleshooting methodologies 3) SSIS connectivity 4) SSIS package via SQL agent job. Author : Ouseph(MSFT...
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