November, 2010

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    DataMarket Update: New content available and purchase restrictions removed!


    Today’s update to DataMarket completes the roll out of paid data offerings that we announced at PDC last month, across all US-based DataMarket accounts. What does this mean? All US-based accounts are now able to purchase data offerings on DataMarket. All you need is a credit card!

    This update also introduces a number of great new data offerings for you to explore, including:

      • Xignite Currency Rates - Get instant access to live foreign exchange data and charts for over 140 currencies worldwide, including both real-time and historical exchange rates, bid and ask prices, tick-by-tick data, currency forward rates and cross-rate tables.
      • Wolters Kluwer (CCH) - The CCH CorpSystem Rate Databases are designed for companies that need an easy and cost effective way to keep their accounting, ERP, Point of Sale, e-commerce or procure-to-pay systems up-to-date with the sales and use tax rates for the all 50 US states and the US and Canadian provinces - including all county, cities, and special tax districts.
      • World Bank - The World Development Indicators database is the primary World Bank database for development data from officially-recognized international sources. It provides a comprehensive selection of economic, social and environmental indicators, drawing on data from the World Bank and more than 30 partner agencies.
      • Practice Fusion - Practice Fusion provides the key information needed to power clinical research for drug interaction studies, disease outbreak monitoring and other public health projects.
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    Learn more about building application with DataMarket


    Checkout out this great session December 1st to learn more about building innovative new applications with DataMarket!

    Session Title: DataMarket: Enabling ISVs to build innovative applications across industry verticals

    Date: December 1, 8 am-9am PST

    Session Abstract: This webcast will provide an overview of DataMarket and the tools and resources available in DataMarket to help ISVs build new and innovative applications, reduce time to market and cost. DataMarket also enables ISVs to access data as a service.

    ISVs across industry verticals can leverage datasets from partners like D&B, Lexis Nexis, Stats, Weather Central, US Governments, UN, EEA to build innovative applications. DataMarket includes data across different categories like demographic, environmental, weather, sports, location based services etc.

    Presenter: Sudhir Hasbe, Sr Product Manager, DataMarket

    Registration link:


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    Real World DataMarket: Interview with Fabrice Marguerie, Owner, metaSapiens


    As part of the Real World DataMarket series, we talked to Fabrice Marguerie, Owner of metaSapiens, about his plans to align his data querying tool, Sesame Data Browser with DataMarket (a part of Windows Azure Marketplace) to gain access to a global developer customer base. Here’s our conversation:

    MSDN: Can you tell us about metaSapiens and your flagship product?

    Marguerie: I’m a developer and I own metaSapiens, the company that offers Sesame Data Browser. This is a tool that makes it easier for people to browse and query databases. Using Sesame, developers can easily preview data without having to write SQL queries by hand.

    MSDN: What were the biggest challenges that metaSapiens faced prior to discovering DataMarket?

    Marguerie: Well, I had a product that I felt would be of interest to developers the world over, but I’m the sole owner of metaSapiens and so I needed an inexpensive, efficient way to expose Sesame to a large potential customer base, developers like myself. I looked at several online data markets as a potential forum to promote Sesame, but none met my expectations. They often forced developers to use different formats, or they didn’t have robust data sets. If I was going to align Sesame Data Browser to any online information marketplace, it needed to support OData and meet my expectations for one-stop shopping for high-quality data.

    MSDN: Can you describe how metaSapiens is using DataMarket to help build your business on a global scale?

    Marguerie: As a developer, I could see the attraction of DataMarket, so I reasoned it would be attractive to my potential market. DataMarket offers users standard OData feeds and consistent, REST-based OData application programming interfaces, and it’s interoperable with Microsoft Visual Studio development tools. Because of these features, I believe that DataMarket will attract top-notch development talent, the kind of customers I want for Sesame Data Browser. Instant access to new customers around the world is an invaluable business opportunity.

    MSDN: Do you think you’ll be able to reach more customers with DataMarket?

    Marguerie: There a millions of information workers who use Microsoft Office and they can also take advantage of DataMarket by subscribing to data sets to integrate information into their documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. I plan to take advantage of this potential market by selling Sesame as data-browsing software for end users. The more business people who are browsing data sets in DataMarket, the better I can build that part of my business. There’s nothing like the opportunity to reach millions of Microsoft Office users!

    MSDN: What other benefits is metaSapiens realizing with DataMarket?

    Marguerie: Well, I’ll be able to market my product to a global audience with minimal investments on my part, which is invaluable for a sole owner of an IT company. And I’ll have the opportunity to diversify Sesame Data Browser to work with Microsoft SQL Azure. I have been working with Microsoft development tools and the Microsoft .NET Framework for long enough to know that DataMarket will provide a great environment in which to grow my business.

    Read the full story at:

    To read more about DataMarket, visit:

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    Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket Launch FAQ


    Who can use the DataMarket?

    Anyone, anywhere, who accepts our terms of use, can use the free offerings. Between now and 11/22, we have a limited invitation-only experience where people in the US can request an invitation to use a credit card to subscribe to data. On 11/22, the limited invitation-only program ends and the DataMarket open to the US market for credit card subscriptions.

    How to register for the invitation-only program?

    Read DataMarket forum:

    When new features will be available?

    Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket is moving to the service updates cadence with new features coming on a regular basis. Feature prioritization will be based on customer feedback. Please vote for your features through the DataMarket site “Feedback” option.

    Current high priority features list includes:

    • Enabling world-wide billing
    • Restricted data offering access (Invitation or authorization from content providers required to purchase the offering)
    • Enterprise billing and packaging support
    • Self-Service data onboarding

    When new data offerings will be available?

    Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket is moving to the content updates cadence with new content coming on a monthly basis. Offerings marked as “Coming soon” will be prioritized in each content update wave.

    Do we need to upload our data to Microsoft cloud in order to become DataMarket content provider?

    Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket provides ability to publish data from any source, ranging from SQL Server and Web Services on customer premise and to SQL Azure and Windows Azure storage.

    Who qualifies to become a content provider or an ISV?

    Any company or person may become Windows Azure DataMarket Content Provider or ISV. Naturally enough, you have to own your data or have required distribution rights, and you should be able to adhere to the DataMarket SLA.

    How to register as content provider or ISV?

    Send email to and provide as much information as possible.


    - The DataMarket team

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    DataMarket in MSDN Mag


    Check out the latest issue of MSDN Magazine. The focus of the issue is on Data in the Cloud, and we have a great DataMarket article for you! Check it out to learn more about building applications that consume data from DataMarket services. 

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