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February, 2006

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About David Boschmans Weblog

David Boschmans is the Developer Evangelist for Microsoft in Belgium and Luxemburg. His role is to promote and evangelize the Microsoft  platform and technologies amongst developers. In his role of community Developer Evangelist, David works closely with developer communities to help them realize their value and potential, developing applications on the Microsoft platform using the latest developer technologies.
Before joining Microsoft, David was a technical architect and .NET development consultant. He divided his time between building distributed software for customers and helping development teams build more robust applications that were easier to manage.

David also owns the web-development track of "TechEd: Developers 2007".

This blog is mainly intended to talk to developers and provide them with information that can help them to be more productive on the Microsoft platform.

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    Vista To Support Legacy VB6 Apps

    A number ISVs I've been talking to as participants in the Windows Vista early-adoption programs have asked questions on the support of legacy Visual Basic 6 applications on Windows Vista . In this DevSource article " Microsoft's Upcoming Vista To Support...
  • David Boschmans Weblog

    The MicroISV Show #4 with Eric Sink

    A couple of days ago Michael Lehman posted the 4th MicroISV Show to Channel 9: The MicroISV Show #4 - Eric Sink - Inventor of the term MicroISV This time on the MicroISV show I'm talking with Eric Sink ( blog , MicroISV article on his blog ), founder...
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    TechEd Europe Blog(s)

    The events manager of Tech Ed Europe, Gerd De Bruycker , has started blogging! With his blog he would like to get some more fresh ideas for making Tech Ed Europe even better than previous years. Note also that the technical content owner of Tech Ed Europe...
  • David Boschmans Weblog

    First Post - Joining MSDN Blogs

    Hi all and welcome to this blog! Though this is my first post on this MSDN blog, I've been blogging for quite a while on DotNetJunkies . Since I joined Microsoft Belux last year I've been thinking about moving my blog to MSDN. But ever since I didn...
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