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April, 2006

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About David Boschmans Weblog

David Boschmans is the Developer Evangelist for Microsoft in Belgium and Luxemburg. His role is to promote and evangelize the Microsoft  platform and technologies amongst developers. In his role of community Developer Evangelist, David works closely with developer communities to help them realize their value and potential, developing applications on the Microsoft platform using the latest developer technologies.
Before joining Microsoft, David was a technical architect and .NET development consultant. He divided his time between building distributed software for customers and helping development teams build more robust applications that were easier to manage.

David also owns the web-development track of "TechEd: Developers 2007".

This blog is mainly intended to talk to developers and provide them with information that can help them to be more productive on the Microsoft platform.

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    Installing IIS7 on Windows Vista

    For little more than a week I'm running build 5365 of Windows Vista on my Toshiba Tecra M4 . This build is one of the latest milestones of Windows Vista before making beta 2 available to the public. As beta 2 is expected to be suitable for testing by...
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    Mind Map of Office 2007 Resources

    Don Campbell created an excellent mind map of 2007 Office System resources.He also attached the original file for the MindManager users and a link to the free MindManager viewer . Provide Don with some feedback when you think he has missed something!...
  • David Boschmans Weblog

    IIS 7 Resources

    If you're looking for some information on Internet Information Services 7 , these are some good resources: David Wang's Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/david.wang/default.aspx Brett Hill's Blog: http://brettblog.com/ Scott Guthrie's Blog post...
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    NxtGenUG interview on Tech Ed 2006: Developers

    After the interview with Erwin Van Hunen of Doppler fame , David McMahon of the NxtGenUG (Next Generation User Group) has an interview up with Hans Verbeeck , Developer Evangelist for Microsoft EMEA. Dave and Hans catch up on " Tech·Ed 2006: Developers...
  • David Boschmans Weblog

    Windows Mobile Themes for BetaExperience

    This morning when walking in the office I crossed a couple of people having a new theme installed on their SmartPhone . Two of them were using the QTEK 8020 and one owns the QTEK S100 . On the internet are quite some sites where you can download/upload...
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    WinFX Resources - Platform for the next generation of software

    Last week I delivered a couple of presentations covering WinFX: the next-generation managed code programming model for Microsoft Windows . Windows Vista introduces breakthroughs in user experience, security and reliability, enabling you to build applications...
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    Architecture Journal nr 7 and CBDI Forum Blogs

    This week the Architecture & Enterprise Team at Microsoft have issued number 7 of the Architect Journal .The theme for this issue is “Generation Workflow". Articles cover the Windows Workflow Foundation as part of WinFX, Human Workflow and Workflow...
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    MSDN Security Evenings

    From next week on the Belgian Developer audience team in partnership with MSDN Academic Alliance organizes 7 MSDN Security Evenings . These localized sessions (in Ducth & French) on security will be delivered by two of our Begian Community members...
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    Ineta Live ... From Redmond!

    The .NET Framework groups are offering two exclusive series of Live Meeting presentations called “Live from Redmond ” in partnership with INETA , the organization that helps people create and participate in .NET user groups around the world. Live from...
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    Port 25 is Open

    Today Bill Hilf presented the first ever Microsoft keynote at a LinuxWorld event . Bill’s keynote at LinuxWorld is a clear indication that the dialogue is changing and a new discussion is developing -- a more mature, technical discussion, around specific...
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