If you're following the Windows Vista road through the Microsoft Connect site than you might have noticed that build 5456 of Windows Vista is available since June 24. Build 5465 of Windows Vista is the first post-beta 2 build. Paul Thurrott has a great overview of this build in his post "Windows Vista Build 5456 Overview and Screenshot Gallery".

As a developer you're probably wondering what build of WinFX
.NET Framework 3.0 comes with this post-beta 2 build. When you have installed build 5456 you don't have to worry about the .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Components because they're installed automatically. This Windows Vista build comes with the .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Components June CTP Build.

This June CTP build will work with build 5456 of Windows Vista and is not supported for users running the Windows Vista Beta 2 for .NET Framework 3.0 development. If you are using Windows Vista Beta 2 for .NET Framework 3.0 development, you can continue to use the Beta 2 release.
The .NET Framework 3.0 June CTP runtime is a later version than the one that ships with Windows Vista Beta 2, and code that uses the .NET Framework 3.0 Beta 2 will not work with this CTP.

For a fully enabled .NET Framework 3.0 developer experience with Visual Studio 2005 on Windows Vista build 5456 you will need to install the following downloads:

  • Visual Studio 2005 - The express edition or the full version through MSDN Subscriber Downloads.
  • .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime ComponentsJune 2006 CTP
  • Windows SDK - The June 2006 CTP of the Windows SDK includes the documentation, samples, tools and build environments to develop Windows applications - either native or .NET Framework 3.0.
  • "Orcas" .NET Framework 3.0 Development Tools - June 2006 CTP - While "Orcas" is the code name for the next version of Visual Studio, that effort also includes development tools that work with Visual Studio 2005 and provide functionality such as XAML Intellisense support through schema extensions for the editor, project templates for the Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation namespaces and .NET Framework 3.0 SDK documentation integration.
  • Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation - RC2 but compatible with June 2006 CTP - Windows Workflow Foundation is the programming model, engine, and tools for building workflow-enabled applications on Windows. These extensions to Visual Studio 2005 include project templates, intellisense support for the Workflow namespace (System.Workflow) and integrated documentation.
Next of course is deploying and running you're .NET Framework 3.0 applications. If you're still struggling with WinFX vs .NET Framework 3.0 and have questions on the needs for running WPF, WCF or WF enabled applications than check-out the article "Deploying Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.0". The article explains the .NET Framework 3.0 and its relationship to earlier versions of the .NET Framework. It also includes information on installing and deploying the Framework, and how to detect whether the .NET Framework 3.0 is installed.

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