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December, 2006

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About David Boschmans Weblog

David Boschmans is the Developer Evangelist for Microsoft in Belgium and Luxemburg. His role is to promote and evangelize the Microsoft  platform and technologies amongst developers. In his role of community Developer Evangelist, David works closely with developer communities to help them realize their value and potential, developing applications on the Microsoft platform using the latest developer technologies.
Before joining Microsoft, David was a technical architect and .NET development consultant. He divided his time between building distributed software for customers and helping development teams build more robust applications that were easier to manage.

David also owns the web-development track of "TechEd: Developers 2007".

This blog is mainly intended to talk to developers and provide them with information that can help them to be more productive on the Microsoft platform.

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    Getting started with developing WPF/E applications

    The release of the first (December) CTP of WPF/E and the announcement of the new names and design of the Microsoft Expression tools has generated quite some interest in the technology according to the Technorati search results for WPF/E and Microsoft...
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    WPF/E is coming ...

    I've been talking a lot to web agencies about the rich web experiences and how these can be created on the Microsoft platform. Besides ASP.NET AJAX , WPF/E is certainly the most important technology for delivering a rich cross-browser and cross-platform...
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    Installing Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals RTM

    Gert Drapers reports that Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals - codenamed Datadude - has gone RTM and is now available on MSDN Subscriber Downloads . Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals delivers a market shifting...
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    New videos to watch on msdn's Showtime!

    Two keynotes from the Belgian " Ready for a New Day " event are available to watch on the MSDN's Showtime! site : Ready for a New Day - Opening Keynote People drive business results in the new world of work. Wim Van Winghe and Carmen Du Bois...
  • David Boschmans Weblog

    VISUG December Events

    The new web site of the Belgian Visual Studio User Group (VISUG) has gone live last week. And together with the go-live of the site they are announcing two events for closing this calendar year. Discussion on Enterprise Exception Handling and Logging...
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