I've been talking a lot to web agencies about the rich web experiences and how these can be created on the Microsoft platform. Besides , WPF/E is certainly the most important technology for delivering a rich cross-browser and cross-platform experience.

From the :

"“WPF/E” is Microsoft’s solution for delivering rich, cross-platform, interactive experiences including animation, graphics, audio and video for the Web and beyond. Utilizing a subset of XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) based Windows Presentation Foundation technology, “WPF/E” will enable the creation of content and applications that run within multiple browsers, and operating systems (Windows and Mac) using Web standards for programmability.  Consistent with web architecture, the XAML markup is programmable using Java Script and works well with ASP.NET AJAX. Broadly available for customers the first half of 2007, “WPF/E” experiences will require a lightweight browser plug-in made freely available by Microsoft."

Check out the site to download the The download isn't there yet but do expect after the weekend!

The site also contains a ton of other great resources like:

After the program managers and , the senior product manager of WPF/E -  - started blogging. Check out their blogs for more info, links, resources on WPF/E.

I'm really looking forward to demo WPF/E because together with the Expression Tools we will then - finally - have a story to tell on creating rich web experiences. A story which goes well beyond creating a rich UI like Adobe/Macromedia Flash does.

Check back the links on Monday and get started now!