One of my co-workers decided to have a bridge building contest.  Why, you might ask?  I’m not exactly sure myself, but nevertheless, several of us decided it was a worthy endeavor and signed up to participate.


The parts list is as follows:

·         3’ ¼ round dowel

·         3’ ¼ square dowel

·         3’ #15 nylon twine

·         20 tooth picks

·         Any amount of Elmers original and/or standard wood glue


The bridge has to span a 12” crevice and the winner is the highest ratio of supported weight to the weight of the bridge.  We’re only competing for pride and bragging rights – no prize money involved.  


The contest day is only one week away.  I have a design in mind and even did a bit of tooling and proof of concept work for it last weekend.  But I think imagining it will be easier than building it…  I’ll keep you posted on the progress and outcome!