As I write this, I am in the air somewhere over Wyoming (or some other desolate location with mountainous terrain). I’m also crammed into a window seat that was supposed to be an exit row. Well, it’s not and the other two 6’ plus gentlemen in my row were also deceived! Ah, the joys of airplane travel…


You might wonder how I am writing this given my situation. Well, this is an opportunity for my Tablet PC to shine, I am writing this long hand as my keyboard would be impossible to get to right now.


I’ve had a Tablet for over two years now and really like it. I’m on my second box (a Toshiba M200) and this generation is a definite step up from my first one in terms of performance and usability. It’s beefy enough to do some lightweight development work while having the convenience of both a traditional notebook and a Tablet.  I really like the form factor with the 12.1” screen and a weight of about 4 pounds.


Outside of cramped airplanes, I actually don’t use the handwriting recognition feature of my Tablet that often.  But I do frequently use the laptop in Tablet mode, primarily taking notes with One Note and my own scribbling.  Using it to draw pictures to share locally and with NetMeeting is a handy capability.  I also use it frequently to read e-mail and other documents at home. With wireless networking at both the office and at home, it’s really convenient to stay connected.


If you are looking for a new notebook for work or home, consider giving a Tablet a try.