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June, 2011

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About An Architect Makes It To The Big Show

Like many these days, Dave Langer is an aspiring Data Scientist currently working as a Business Intelligence Architect in Microsoft's Devices and Studios division.

Previously Dave has worked as a Program Manager on the SQL Sever DataTools (SSDT) and Oslo teams. Before that he spent more than 12 working for, and consulting with, Fortune 500 IT shops. Dave's IT experience includes a stint as an Architect on Microsoft IT's Enterprise Architecture team.

Dave's current obsession is everything related to Data Science, including Hadoop, R, Machine Learning, and Statistics. In particular, Dave has a strong interest in the use of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) to make the power of Hadoop more accessible via his open source project on GitHub - Trommel.



As you might imagine, all the opinions and views expressed in this blog are Dave Langer's and do not reflect the opinions and views of Microsoft in any way.


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