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  • Blog Post: Slides from my WebGL / asm.js talk at ECGC

    I gave a talk this morning at the East Coast Game Conference about the current state of WebGL for game developers. You can find the slides here. I also spoke about asm.js and how middleware vendors like Unity and Epic are using it to power the web versions ...read more
  • Blog Post: Big updates to Babylon.js 2.0

    The Babylon.js team made some big updates with 2.0 this week, as announced by David Catuhe( @deltakosh). You can find the latest news about it here. The Web Audio support in this haunted mansion demo is pretty crazy: Major updates Support for WebAudio ...read more
  • Blog Post: The current state of WebGL – iOS 8, Yosemite, Android Lollipop

    The web is a constantly evolving organism, where some parts advance more quickly than others. In the 3 years that WebGL has been around, adoption has continued to grow at an increased rate. Just this week, both Apple and Google announced improved support ...read more
  • Blog Post: Intro to WebGL and BabylonJS framework

    Intro to WebGL and BabylonJS from Dave Voyles This is a cross-post from my personal site, www.davevoyles.azurewebsites.net . Go there to find more!
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