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  • Blog Post: A beginner’s guide to WebGL

    WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D computer graphics and 2D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins. You will often find developers using it for games, but it is finally gaining widespread visibility across the web, and is now...
  • Blog Post: Some of my favorite Visual Studio extensions

    I recently wrote an article about some of my favorite Chrome extensions, partly because I wanted to share some of the things I felt worked well, but also because I wanted to learn about what others were using as well. I’ve added quite a few extensions in my daily use based on those recommendations...
  • Blog Post: More progress with the Night Trap HTML5 port

    The post More progress with the Night Trap HTML5 port appeared first on Dave Voyles | Tech Evangelist at Microsoft .
  • Blog Post: Getting started with Emscripten

    Writing code for multiple platforms can be a lot of work. It can be even more work to have to completely rewrite it for each one, too. What if you wrote an application in C++, but wanted it to be displayed in the browser somehow? Well now, with a tool called Emscripten, that’s possible. I…...
  • Blog Post: Object.observe in JavaScript, and how I found it to be useful

    In rebuilding Night Trap, I ran into an issue where I needed to listen for an event, specifically when the URL for the video feed changes as a user is viewing a camera in a particular room. For example, I am looking at the kitchen camera and there is nothing going on, and at the… The post Object...
  • Blog Post: Night Trap – Switching Branches

    You can find parts 1 and 2 of this series here: Deconstructiong Night Trap Rebuilding Night Trap We’ve made a lot of progress with Night Trap this weekend. I started by further compressing the videos on the prototype site, which will allow for smaller and faster downloads, as well as quicker camera...
  • Blog Post: Rebuilding Night Trap

    In my previous post I talked about the process of tearing the game down, so that I could build it up again. Today I created a spreadsheet containing information about each scene in the first few minutes of the game. It proved to be far more time intensive than initially anticipated. Afterward, I exported...
  • Blog Post: Deconstructing Night Trap

    A few days ago I built a quick prototype for getting Night Trap running in the browser. It’s rough, but hey, it works. Right now I am streaming the assets from Azure Media Servies and playing them through the open source video.js player as a .mp4. I also converted all of the video to adaptive streaming...
  • Blog Post: List of this week’s most interesting stories

    This is my weekly newsletter which covers my favorite stories of the week in the fields of Tech, HTML5, Startups, Game Dev, and Venture Capital. If you find some links that you think would be useful, feel free to share! You can always subscribe (or unsubscribe) by clicking on the MailChimp widget on...
  • Blog Post: Asm.js and WebGL for Unity and Unreal Engine

    Unity, and Epic’s Unreal Engine, the popular middleware tools frequently used by game developers are not limited to creating compiled applications that run as an executable. Unity previously had a web player, which was a downloadable plugin that used ActiveX. Chrome killed support for NPAP (Netscape...
  • Blog Post: Wrapping a Famo.us + Angular app in Cordova for iOS

      Find the full tutorial here   Download the finished version of this tutorial. Open with Xcode View the project in your browser Tutorial for the web portion of the project I love high performance JavaScript, and have faith that others will finally come around and understand its true potential...
  • Blog Post: Creating a Famo.us + Angular Pokemon app

    I’ve been working on an application that takes advantage of the marriage between Famo.us and Angular as of late. It’s a simple mobile app that pulls information from the Pokemon database using their API. I love high performance JavaScript, and have faith that others will finally come around...
  • Blog Post: My weekly newsletter for HTML5, Startups, VC, and game dev

    This is my weekly newsletter which covers my favorite stories of the week in the fields of Tech, HTML5, Startups, Game Dev, and Venture Capital. If you find some links that you think would be useful, feel free to share! You can always subscribe (or unsubscribe) by clicking on the MailChimp widget on...
  • Blog Post: Introduction to HTML5 video

      This is part of an ongoing series of content that I’ll be writing about using Azure Media Services to create and consume HTML5 video. Ever want to create your own Twitch.tv-like app for livestreaming your work? How about your own YouTube-esque program for playing back your previously recorded...
  • Blog Post: Check out my CarPuter project from 2009

    While I was in college I had a fascination with creating the most tech savvy interior for a car that I could muster. I studied communications (which I thought was a waste), but I spent all of my free time doing hardware hacking. I wrote about the project ...read more
  • Blog Post: Slides from my WebGL / asm.js talk at ECGC

    I gave a talk this morning at the East Coast Game Conference about the current state of WebGL for game developers. You can find the slides here. I also spoke about asm.js and how middleware vendors like Unity and Epic are using it to power the web versions ...read more
  • Blog Post: Adding WinJS to your website

    I recently started assisting on a demo project with my peer in Raleigh, David Crook, where he is building a service that makes it easy to locate and hire nerds (folks like us) to perform programming tasks. I love using Angular for the front end, and he’s ...read more
  • Blog Post: Sample project for using ASP.NET Web API in Xamarin iOS apps

    This lab goes through the process of creating an ASP.NET Web API project in Visual Studio, and then writing an iOS app using Xamarin to consume the API. With these tools though, you can just as easily write an application that works for iOS, Andriod and ...read more
  • Blog Post: Learn to program with 24 free eBooks (post from Life Hacker)

    Students and friends are always asking me, “How do I learn to program?” I learned by reading books and YouTube (seriously) during my commute on the train every day in and out of NYC. Well now you have no excuse for not learning. Here are 24 ...read more
  • Blog Post: Call for speakers is open at the 2015 Philly.NET code camp

    Code Camp 2015.1 Interested? Apply here. Some History 21st Code Camp over 9 years Run by a dedicated staff that includes several Microsoft MVPs Serving the Delaware Valley and greater Mid-Atlantic region Sessions cover both Microsoft and web-related development ...read more
  • Blog Post: //GameOn contest for student game devs, how I started with GDC

    In October, I wrote about how I would get started with programming, knowing what I do today.   Well we’ve launched a new game development contest, specifically for students. //GameOn is a game development contest that gives students the opportunity ...read more
  • Blog Post: Creating an inventory system in Unity, using C#

    I’ve been working on a shmup for some time now, and just started blogging about it. One issue I came across was writing an inventory system. There are many out there, but they just didn’t work for me. I wanted something simple, and only needed ...read more
  • Blog Post: How do I publish apps on Xbox One?

    I get this question all of the time, and I end up answering it in email on a pretty consistent basis, so I thought it was about time I made a post to point developers towards. What is the team looking for? They are looking largely for MEDIA applications ...read more
  • Blog Post: Indie Dev Podcast, Ep 15 – Michael Hicks

    You can listen to the podcast here. Designer and musician on Pillar, a collection  of minigames, each with unique personalities and challenges, which his headed to PS4. Previously, Michael and I had coordinated the third Indie Games Summer Uprising in ...read more
  • Blog Post: Open Source of .NET Core Framework, .NET Core Distribution for Linux/OSX

        If you told me, even one year ago, that Microsoft would begin open sourcing as much technology as they do right now, I would have flat out said “No”.Today at Connect() developer event,  Microsoftt announced that we’d open ...read more
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