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  • Blog Post: Unity shmup template (JS and C#)

    This is a cross post from my personal blog, which you can find here: davevoyles.azurewebsites.net . I've been a huge fan of shmups for as long as I can remember. If it's good, I've played it (and it's probably Japanese). I wrote my last one in JavaScript using the Impact.js framework, but this time...
  • Blog Post: UnityVS is free for all Visual Studio devs using Unity!

    This is a cross-post from my personal blog, found at www.davevoyles.azurewebsites.net . Go there to find more! UnityVS, a tool for debugging Unity games within Visual Studio, is finally free and available to developer using Visual Studio. It works for VS 2010, '12, and '14. If you currently do...
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