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  • Blog Post: List of this week’s most interesting stories

    This is my weekly newsletter which covers my favorite stories of the week in the fields of Tech, HTML5, Startups, Game Dev, and Venture Capital. If you find some links that you think would be useful, feel free to share! You can always subscribe (or unsubscribe) by clicking on the MailChimp widget on...
  • Blog Post: Asm.js and WebGL for Unity and Unreal Engine

    Unity, and Epic’s Unreal Engine, the popular middleware tools frequently used by game developers are not limited to creating compiled applications that run as an executable. Unity previously had a web player, which was a downloadable plugin that used ActiveX. Chrome killed support for NPAP (Netscape...
  • Blog Post: PHL Collective – How we shipped Clusterpuck99

    At this week’s Philly Game Works meetup, local Philly game devs, PHL Collective, spoke about their experiences with writing a local multiplayer game using Unity. Their latest title, Clusterpuck99, is already available on Steam and is headed to Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program later this year...
  • Blog Post: Indie Dev Podcast – Ep 20, Daniel Parente

    I have a podcast about independent game development which I record every few weeks. In this week’s episode, I am joined by Daniel Parente, CEO and Game Director of Hydra Interactive Entertainment, a young indie development studio based out of Madrid, Spain. He’s previously worked on a number of...
  • Blog Post: Video update of my Unity shmup

    I’ve been working on a shmup for the last year in my free time. Here’s a video of the most recent update. Still working out some bugs. The post Video update of my Unity shmup appeared first on Dave Voyles | Tech Evangelist at Microsoft .
  • Blog Post: Unity, Unreal Engine 4, & Cocos2D will now ship with Visual Studio set as the default IDE, free to use

    Recently Microsoft announced a new deal with these engine providers: Unity Technologies, Epic Games, and Chukong Technologies. When you go to install these engines now, Visual Studio will be the default IDE selected.The Community Edition is included, which is basically VS 2013 professional. If you are...
  • Blog Post: I spoke about WebGL on David Giard’s video podcast

    My peer in Chicago, David Giard, has a video podcast called “Technology and Friends”. During the MVP Open Days event in Philadelphia a few weks ago, I had a chance to hop on and talk about WebGL, in addition to that, we cover asm.js, and how middleware tools like Unity and Unreal Engine are...
  • Blog Post: Unity 5 Roadshow is coming to Philadelphia Thurs April 2nd

    You can sign up here. When and where Philly Game Forge 239 Chestnut Street 2nd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19106 Thursday, April 2, 2015 from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM (EDT)   Add to my calendar Description Want the scoop on what’s new in Unity 5 including ...read more
  • Blog Post: New weekly newsletter is out

    This is my weekly newsletter which covers my favorite stories of the week in the fields of Tech, HTML5, Startups, Game Dev, and Venture Capital. If you find some links that you think would be useful, feel free to share! You can always subscribe (or unsubscribe ...read more
  • Blog Post: asm.js is headed to the Chakra JavaScript engine for Spartan in Windows 10, and what it means for games

    Earlier today, we flipped asm.js to “In Development” at status.modern.ie. Support for asm.js has beenone of the top 10 most-requested items at the IE Suggestion Box on UserVoice since we launched it in December. This is huge. What is asm.js? John Resig ...read more
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2015 Preview Tools for Unity is out now

    Herr’s a link to download it. You’re probably already familiar with Visual Studio tools for Unity (formerly UnityVS), which allows you to debug your Unity sessions while using Visual Studio. The problem up until this point though, was that ...read more
  • Blog Post: Ep 18, Livid Interactive, of the Indie Dev Podcast is out

    You can listen to the show here. Joining me today are Game Designer / Leader Developer Jacob Pennock, and Executive Producer Mike Schaiman, and Art Director Melissa Pennock of Livid Interactive. The post Ep 18, Livid Interactive, of the Indie Dev Podcast ...read more
  • Blog Post: //GameOn contest for student game devs, how I started with GDC

    In October, I wrote about how I would get started with programming, knowing what I do today.   Well we’ve launched a new game development contest, specifically for students. //GameOn is a game development contest that gives students the opportunity ...read more
  • Blog Post: Creating an inventory system in Unity, using C#

    I’ve been working on a shmup for some time now, and just started blogging about it. One issue I came across was writing an inventory system. There are many out there, but they just didn’t work for me. I wanted something simple, and only needed ...read more
  • Blog Post: Tutorial: Connecting your Xbox One / 360 gamepad to Unity

    The fine folks at PHL Collective, a Philadelphia based game development studio put together a brief tutorial on how to connect your Xbox One / 360 gamepad, either wired or wireless (using the receiver), to Unity. Might I suggest other ways to use your ...read more
  • Blog Post: I’m working on my own Unity game, a side scrolling shmup

    I’m always talking about the importance of showing off your work to the world, yet I forget to do adhere to my own advice sometimes. I’ve been working on a Unity game for the last 6 months, but progress has been slow. It’s a side scrolling shmup ...read more
  • Blog Post: Indie Dev Podcast, Ep 15 – Michael Hicks

    You can listen to the podcast here. Designer and musician on Pillar, a collection  of minigames, each with unique personalities and challenges, which his headed to PS4. Previously, Michael and I had coordinated the third Indie Games Summer Uprising in ...read more
  • Blog Post: Community Edition of Visual Studio announced, free, allows extensions

    One of the biggest gripes that the development community has had in the past with Visual Studio, is the fact that you needed a paid (premium, pro, ultimate) version to run extensions. Considering the fact that I use UnityVS, Resharper, and Visual Assist ...read more
  • Blog Post: Which cloud backend do you use for your Unity games? Azure? AWS?

    I’m trying to collect info about the backends that developers are using for their Unity games. What do you use? Azure? Google Play? Game Center? AWS? Please answer these 4 questions for me! The post Which cloud backend do you use for your Unity ...read more
  • Blog Post: prime[31] Azure plugin for Win8 Phone Unity games

    In my previous tutorial series, I wrote about how to use prime[31]‘s Azure plugin to connect your Win8 Unity game. Recently though, they’ve added support for Windows Phone as well. I’ve updated the GitHub Repository  with the necessary ...read more
  • Blog Post: [VIDEO] Prime[31] and Azure Mobile Services tutorial

    This is one part of the video series I did for Microsoft VIrtual Academy. Here’s the link back to Channel 9. You can find the step-by-step walkthrough, GitHub,and power points here. Developing 2D & 3D Games with Unity for Windows: (09) Prime ...read more
  • Blog Post: A new episode of the Indie Dev Podcast is up

    Last year I started interviewing independent game developers from across the world, in an effort to highlight their work, and the strategy behind how they build their games. I took a hiatus for the summer while I was traveling for work, but I’m ...read more
  • Blog Post: Two new gaming courses on MVA

    We have two new gaming courses on MVA in the last few weeks. All of the assets and slides are available through the links below. Enjoy, and let me know what you think! Developing 2D & 3D Games with Unity Developing 2D & 3D Games with Unity We ...read more
  • Blog Post: The channel9 game blog – Microsoft and indies

    I love our push for independent developers. ID@Xbox is consistently launching new games, and on the Windows and Phone side of things we have a new gaming blog, where we highlight some of the best games that developers are working on, as well as the middleware ...read more
  • Blog Post: Developing 2D & 3D Games with Unity for Windows Jump Start

      Whether you’re a beginner or an established indie game developer, if you want to ramp up your skills, join the always-entertaining Adam Tuliper (of DinoBurger fame) and a team of industry experts for this informative Jump Start. They take ...read more
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