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  • Blog Post: Sunsetting the XBLIG program for the Xbox 360

    It’s a sad day for current and former XBLIG developers, but it is inevitable that all digital retail stores must come to an end. I’ll post my feelings on the XBLIG program, and share storied about all of the wonderful people I’ve met through the program at a later date, when I’ve...
  • Blog Post: A list of my favorite links this week

    This is my weekly newsletter which covers my favorite stories of the week in the fields of Tech, HTML5, Startups, Game Dev, and Venture Capital. If you find some links that you think would be useful, feel free to share! You can always subscribe (or unsubscribe) by clicking on the MailChimp widget on...
  • Blog Post: MonoGame 3.4 is out, has support for Windows 10, and that will include Xbox One

    Today the MonoGame team released 3.4, which includes a flurry of updates, but most importantly, support for Windows 10 Universal Apps and was timed to coordinate with the Build 2015 conference going on right now. I wrote more about what’s coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 for game developers here...
  • Blog Post: How to write games for Xbox One – Video and slides

    I recently gave a talk about game development on Xbox One for Brazil’s Game Expereince virtual conference. The video is finally online, so I wanted to share it with you. The slides for this presentation can also be found on my slideshare.   The post How to write games for Xbox One –...
  • Blog Post: GDC: Xbox LIVE and Xbox One will be open to many more developers now

    Chris Charla, Director of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program gave a talk at GDC today, covering many of the changes coming to Xbox and WIndows 10 later this year. His talk will be posted on Channel 9 24 hours after he gave the talk at GDC, so expect to ...read more
  • Blog Post: //GameOn contest for student game devs, how I started with GDC

    In October, I wrote about how I would get started with programming, knowing what I do today.   Well we’ve launched a new game development contest, specifically for students. //GameOn is a game development contest that gives students the opportunity ...read more
  • Blog Post: How do I publish apps on Xbox One?

    I get this question all of the time, and I end up answering it in email on a pretty consistent basis, so I thought it was about time I made a post to point developers towards. What is the team looking for? They are looking largely for MEDIA applications ...read more
  • Blog Post: Speaking Engagements / Power Points

    I've been giving a lot of talks recently, so I thought I would share some of the slides that I've been working on. All of my slides on Speaker Deck can be found here. I always wanted to let you know that I'm available to speak in the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC area. Whether you are a...
  • Blog Post: Building Unity Games for Microsoft Platforms

    Building unity games for microsoft platforms from Dave Voyles This is a cross post from my personal blog, which you can find here: davevoyles.azurewebsites.net .
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