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  • Blog Post: How to write games for Xbox One – Video and slides

    I recently gave a talk about game development on Xbox One for Brazil’s Game Expereince virtual conference. The video is finally online, so I wanted to share it with you. The slides for this presentation can also be found on my slideshare.   The post How to write games for Xbox One –...
  • Blog Post: GDC: Xbox LIVE and Xbox One will be open to many more developers now

    Chris Charla, Director of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program gave a talk at GDC today, covering many of the changes coming to Xbox and WIndows 10 later this year. His talk will be posted on Channel 9 24 hours after he gave the talk at GDC, so expect to ...read more
  • Blog Post: //GameOn contest for student game devs, how I started with GDC

    In October, I wrote about how I would get started with programming, knowing what I do today.   Well we’ve launched a new game development contest, specifically for students. //GameOn is a game development contest that gives students the opportunity ...read more
  • Blog Post: How do I publish apps on Xbox One?

    I get this question all of the time, and I end up answering it in email on a pretty consistent basis, so I thought it was about time I made a post to point developers towards. What is the team looking for? They are looking largely for MEDIA applications ...read more
  • Blog Post: Speaking Engagements / Power Points

    I've been giving a lot of talks recently, so I thought I would share some of the slides that I've been working on. All of my slides on Speaker Deck can be found here. I always wanted to let you know that I'm available to speak in the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC area. Whether you are a...
  • Blog Post: Building Unity Games for Microsoft Platforms

    Building unity games for microsoft platforms from Dave Voyles This is a cross post from my personal blog, which you can find here: davevoyles.azurewebsites.net .
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