May, 2007

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    Computer Club - Class of 1975


    Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had a rare public conversation together last night.  Full article can be found here.  Transcript, highlight reel video, and more pictures can be found here !  The video is worth watching; it is a great history lesson mixed with their own personal experiences.

    Spending a lot of my childhood in the 80's, and being a Computer Geek to boot, these two gentleman are about as cool an icon as one could get.  I always enjoy the occasions when they appear together.

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    My coffee table did what?


    An amazing nextgen user experience from Microsoft Research!  Microsoft Surface.

    Popular Mechanics has a hands on Video. Check it out!  In the video they take a picture with a digital camera, place the camera on the table, manipulate the picture and then drag the picture onto another portable device.  All through natural human interaction with the device, instead of forcing the user to learn the interface of a program. 

    This video demonstrates perfectly a good user experience design.  Just because our program needs 3 variables as an input, does not mean we should put three dropdown boxes on a screen and force a user to give us those variables.  We should always hide the underlying plumbing and let users interact with software in a natural way.  Each of those devices required variables as input, the user sent them - it just happened naturally without them realizing.

    Give it a few years and we will see technology like this inside the home.  Maybe then my wife can move pictures off the camera without needing me.  =)

    Official Microsoft Site with more info can be found here.  Also, here is a video of Bill Gates on The Today Show this morning showing the device.

    Update: has an article on the "Milan" Surface table PC project.  Check it out here.

    Update: Ars Technica has a nice writeup on the hardware used inside the Surface table.  Article found here

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    Silverlight Tastiness!


    Freshly brewed Silverlight Resources ... get it while it's hot!

    Via Peter Laudati via Doug Turner, courtesy of Asli Bilgin.  My uber colleagues!  =)

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    Silverlight and PopFly now with 0 Carbs!


    I was in the Microsoft Malvern, PA office on Thursday to give a presentation on Silverlight.  The goal was to not only show the power of Silverlight, but how easy it is to create using our product offerings (Blend 2 and Orcas).  These products work together to create a seamless Silverlight development experience for both the Developer and the Designer.

    As an added bonus I showed off Popfly (I was lucky enough to get an Alpha account) to those in attendance.  We created a mash-up site on the fly connecting a Flickr photoset with a Slideshow block in seconds.  We also grabbed some user submitted blocks (like the World of Warcraft guild data block) and walked through the members data using a PhotoTile block.  Popfly is an excellent example of creating RIA User Experiences run on Web 2.0 Data Service Api's  (Flickr, Twitter, Digg, you name it!) using Silverlight. Great stuff!

    Here are the links I showed, for anyone who missed it.

    Popfly site -
    Popfly screencast -
    Channel 9 Popfly video -

    Silverlight Community Site -
    Silverlight Official Site -

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