June, 2007

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    Deepfish, son of Seadragon. An amazing Windows Mobile web browser comes for a visit.


    Seadragon is a technology from Microsoft Labs that enables the display of images on screens without the worry of bandwidth or size.  Instead, your only limitation is the number of pixels you can display.  See my previous blog post for more information and an awesome video that shows Seadragon as well as it's use in Photosynth.

    If you watch the video, you will start to get the idea of how this technology could be used just about anywhere.  One of those uses is in the mobile device market for web browsing.  Imagine a web browser that displays web pages on your Smartphone exactly as they appear on your desktop machine.  Enter Deepfish!

    Sounds familiar right?  But wait... we are talking Seadragon technology here.  We are not downloading the actual pages, we are taking visual representations of those pages generated by Seadragon and then have the ability to zoom in/out on the fly with no loss in clarity.  Full webpage representation, ability to load those pages on very low bandwidth, ability to work on existing Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, and then the addition of 3G networks . You are talking one great web browsing experience! 

    Check out the site here.  Sign up to download the software here. Overview animation here and actual video of it in action found here!

  • DaveDev

    FCG announces Firstpoint for SharePoint!


    Exciting announcements in the Health and Life Sciences space around Sharepoint!  First Consulting Group, well known in the Enterprise Content Management space, has announced a full suit of applications that provide a FDA regulated solution for content management, collaboration and electronic submission automation. All running on MOSS 2007 and Microsoft Office.

    Official announcement here.  Bloomberg is also running an article here

    For more detailed information, follow the links below:

  • FirstPoint Research & Development
    FirstPoint Research and Development (R&D) helps scientific research communities streamline processes, shorten the time required to create and approve documents, and address regulatory regulations like 21 CFR Part 11.
  • FirstPoint MedInfo
    Medical Information Services departments often incur high costs to respond to inquiries and may not be consistent, accurate or timely in their responses. FirstPoint  MedInfo responds to inquiries with a consistent, accurate and timely message.
  • DaveDev

    Web 2.0 in the Enterprise


    Blogs.. Wikis... Social networking.. we use them everyday, but how can we leverage that in the Enterprise?

    Community Kit For SharePoint, enter stage left!  Building upon the already great foundation of Sharepoint (specifically Windows SharePoint Services 3.0) this community driven, freely available download will effortlessly transform your blog sites into something like this:

    More information about the enhanced blog format can be found here

    There is a great write up on the SharePoint Teams' blog, go check it out here

    This is another great example of open source, community driven content on the Microsoft Platform. Be sure to check out all these other great SharePoint projects hosted on Codeplex as well!

    For those that just want a quick general overview of what this is all about, News.com has an article here.

  • DaveDev

    Surface UI Demo using Silverlight


    For those who do not already know, the new Surface technology from Microsoft Labs is running on a Vista PC using a .NET WPF application.  Hmm, sounds like a good opportunity for Silverlight to show how this could be ported cross platform cross browser, no?  Well someone has done just that already!  The demo loads several images and allows you to stretch the images by moving the corners with your mouse, or moving them around by dragging the image center.  Check out the demo here .

    Head over to Delay's blog to get all the information and source.  Remember you will need Orcas Beta1 and Silverlight tools to compile and run. 

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