August, 2007

  • DaveDev

    Vista SP1 Announced


    The moment you have all been waiting for.  Some concrete info and dates for Vista SP1!

    What it is, What it is not... Beta coming in next few weeks...

    Get all the juicy details here on the Vista Team Blog. is also running an article which can be found here

    Check it out!

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  • DaveDev

    Finish the Fight


    For my fellow Halo addicts our there... Check out the short films by Neil Blomkamp here.  He has done an amazing job of bringing it to life.  Gives me hope for the movie, I was blown away! Yes there are Warthogs, Pelican Dropships and even Covenant Brutes.  Watch closely and you can see the Brutes firing off the Needle Gun!

    Oh, and it is also done in Silverlight (1.0 RC1). =) Hence you will get the nice HD quality stream, bookmark navigation, and also fullscreen. Be sure to View Source to check out some of the JavaScript they are using to control playback.  After all what better way to learn some Silverlight than by turning the tide for the UNSC!


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  • DaveDev

    NextGen Enterprise User Experience


    ComponentOne has some great examples showing off what a nextgen app can look like in the enterprise.  These demos use One-Click deployment, take advantage of WPF for visual effects, show off some AJAX enabled controls, and even have Office 2007 Navigation components!  Everything an Enterprise Developer needs! 

    Check out the demos here.

    The Studio Live demo has some excellent Ribbon controls and also has a Scheduling Component.  A must for anyone who is looking at integrating their own Outlook style scheduling app!


    There is also direct link to their Studio Live example here on WindowsClient.Net.  For those not familiar with, it is THE PLACE to go for WPF and Desktop application development on Windows.  There are tutorials, demos, and code samples available for download today.  Check it out!

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  • DaveDev

    My Search Engine did what?


    What do you get when you take Live Search's API and spread a heaping of Siverlight on top?  You get one really engaging search engine!  Introducing "Tafiti." The name means "to search" in Swahili. 

    This is a sample visual mashup of what can be done when we take the nextgen UX tools available to us and visualize data in a different way.  Before you ask, no Tafiti is not an actual product.  It is intended to show what you can do with nextgen search... this is only the tip of the iceberg!

    Microsoft's Tafiti search beta in Web results view

    More details, including a review, can be found here.  Check out Tafiti today!

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