September, 2007

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    ReMix '07 Announced!



    Mix07 was a sold out event and included some of the best sessions on Silverlight/WPF you can find.  We are bringing back all those great sessions and content to the East Coast! 


    October 8th-9th 2007



    What is it?

    Mix is an environment where Designers and Developers can come together and experience the latest in User Experiences.  Silverlight, WPF, AJAX, Expression Designer Suite, VS 2008.  Hands on Labs, Demos,... This is your chance to Network with partners, designers, developers, and Microsoft Experts who are bringing the Next Generation of User Experiences today!  There are going to be some amazing presenters at the event including Bob Abrams, a founder of the CLR and .Net Framework!

    How can I register?

    Visit the REMIX07 site here.  Enter the following Registration Code: RM07INTB when registering to get $100 of the Registration price (aren't you glad you read my blog? ;-) ).

    What sessions will be available?

    Here is just a small sample of the content you will get!

    ·         Building Rich Web Experience with Silverlight and Microsoft Expression Studio for Designers

    ·         Silverlight for Casual Games

    ·         Go Deep with ASP.NET AJAX

    ·         Just Glue It! Ruby and the DLR in Silverlight

    ·         Creating and Delivering Rich Media and Video on the Web with Silverlight, Microsoft Expression Studio, and Windows Server Codename "Longhorn"

    ·         IE7 + Web Stds

    ·         Top 10 concepts an Architect needs to know about WPF

    ·         ASP.NET Security, with a Focus on AJAX

    ·         POPFLY Session

    ·         Broaden Your Market with Windows Live

    ·         Meeting in the Middle - Designer/Developer Interaction in WPF

    ·         A first look at Silverlight

    ·         Building Silverlight-enabled ASP.NET AJAX Controls

    ·         Partying with PHP (...and the Microsoft Platform)

    ·         Real World Silverlight & Sharepoint

    Check out the full list of sessions at the REMIX07 Site

    I will be posting updates on my blog with any additional sessions or presenters.  Stay Tuned!

  • DaveDev

    The new look of Microsoft Live Search


    Check it out the new look of Live Search at

    Updates include:

    • Streamlined look and feel (I like it! No more blue/cyan!)
    • Enhanced Relevance using enhanced ranking algorithms, larger index sizes and autospell correction.
    • Speed - pages will load much faster.
    • Content Specific Searches (Images, Video, News, Maps, etc).  I did a search for "Halo 3" and got a bucket full of videos.  You can mouse over each video to get a preview!
    • Lots of other improvements as well... of interesting note (via E-Week article)
      • "The update also brings a new machine translation feature where, if a foreign language result is returned, the user can click to translate the page, and both the original and translated view are returned. Also, as the user moves his mouse over the original text, it is translated line by line."

    E-Week is running an article with more details here

    Check out the Live Search team blog here.

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  • DaveDev

    Expression Blend 2 September Preview is out!


    A must download for anyone doing Silverlight development.  Get the bits here.

    Here are just a few of the new features...

    • Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 Support
    • Making Controls from Existing Objects
    • Split View and XAML Editor Improvements
    • Storyboard Picker
    • Storyboard and Keyframe Properties
    • Vertex Animation
    • Breadcrumb Bar
    • Font Embedding and Subsetting
    • Build Options
    • Object Manipulation

    More information available at the Expression Team's blog here.

    Jaime Rodriguez, Client Technologies Guru, has posted more information and his thoughts here.

    Check it out!

  • DaveDev

    Halo 3 Launch Day!


    The wait is finally over, time to finish the fight!  Game will hit at midnight tonight...

    For those that cannot wait, here is an online interactive manual.  And, by interactive I mean a full blown Silverlight Application that uses animation, video, etc.. 

    Do not forget to check out the Halo3 HD videos if you have not already.  They just added a few new ones!  Very cool seeing the retired marines holding some real life Covenant weapons.


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