July, 2009

  • DaveDev

    How do I enable my Silverlight 3 application to run Out of the Browser?


    This question has come up a couple times recently during my presentations and I wanted to point a potential snag you may hit.  In order for Silverlight to run Out of the Browser (OOB) it needs to have an xml manifest file included in your project.

    The file looks like this…


    You can have this file created for you by setting the option inside the Silverlight Project properties window.  Pulling up the properties will give you two new options to select.  The problem is that Visual Studio will not automatically generate this file for you until you click on the “Out-Of-Browser Settings” button.  It is not enough to just click the check box to enable out of the browser.


    So if you are scratching your head and wondering why your getting that nifty manifest file missing error go back in and be sure to click the button so it generates it for you.


    Clicking on the OOB Settings button will give you a bunch of options where you can set the information the window will display and when you hit OK it will generate the file for you.


    That is really all there is to it to enable the OOB functionality in your application.  As long as users already have the Silverlight 3 plug-in they can run both in and out of the browser.  No additional installation or frameworks are needed.  Simply going to a page with an OOB enabled Silverlight control will give the user a new option to install locally when they right click on the control.


    Clicking install will bring up an installation window with the option of creating a shortcut on your desktop or start menu.


    It is important to point out that this does not change the security model of Silverlight either.  It is still completely sandboxed as it would be running in the browser.  If your users have additional questions there is a “More Information” link on the installation prompt that will take them to a Microsoft site with details about what “Outside the Browser” means for them.


    The application can now be run both from your website as well as a stand alone application.  If the user ever wants to remove the local application they need only right click anywhere in the stand alone application or the Silverlight control on the webpage and select “Remove this application”.  Eliminating any need to go to “Add/Remove Programs” through the setup panel in Windows.


    You can also download updated documentation for how to check whether your application has been installed yet locally, is running or out of the browser, as well as if network connectivity is present.



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  • DaveDev

    Are you a Developer or Designer in the NY/NJ/PA area using Microsoft Software? Let’s chat!


    It's about the People!

    Our fiscal year at Microsoft ends in June and the new year begins in July.  It is a time of reflection and re-alignment as we look at past successes and how to best serve our customers moving forward into the new year.  For me it also meant being asked if I wanted to take on a new challenge.  Up until this point I’ve been focused exclusively on large enterprise accounts.  Most of what I’ve done shows up in whitepapers or the stuff you see during the MIX keynotes. 

    My main focus this year will be on the people themselves within PA/NJ/NY.  What makes you guys tick?  What are you looking for out of the teams in Redmond? “But Dave you have all this online stuff you do and I’ve seen you at Code Camps!”  True - for those that know me I’m not a big title guy.  I’ve always felt you shouldn’t let your title dictate what you do.  Go out and fill the needs you see and let them figure out your title.  This change is a recognition of that work.  It frees me up so that I can spend more time directly with you – the users of Microsoft software no matter the venue.  Whether you work for a Microsoft Partner, a Corporation, attend a Code Camp, run a User Group, go to a Conference or sit in on a Launch Event I’ll be there! 

    Astronomy Club

    I’ve always been a “community” guy at heart.  Going back to high school I proudly lead the Astronomy Club.  I know – so geeky right?  It didn’t matter.  It was a place for us to relax and learn from each other without worrying about the school’s agenda.  That’s what excites me about the communities I have been visiting these past few weeks – passion.  It takes me back to what made all those high school days so exciting.  People are there because they care about their craft and they care about helping each other learn. 

    I hope you’ll let me be part of that.  I’m listening.

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  • DaveDev

    Looking to create a more compelling experience for your users? Silverlight? WPF? Expression? Does it all sound like gibberish? The Mid Atlantic Roadshow is coming to your backyard!



    From the Cheesesteaks of Philadelphia to the crab cakes of Maryland my fellow geeks Dani Diaz and G. Andrew Duthie are hitting the road and coming to you!  If you have been curious about the latest releases of Developer and Designer tools from Microsoft but don’t know where to start these events are for you. 

    We’ll be covering eight different cities and will go from using the tools themselves to the patterns and practices people are using to be more productive.  Instead of just throwing a bunch of slides and “Hello World” apps at you we are going to build a working application that will spam across the entire day.  From where to get the bits, planning/designing your application, to building it and finally publishing it out these events will cover it all. 

    Here is how the day will pan out:

    Creating Rich Internet Applications on the Microsoft Platform using Silverlight 3 and Expression Studio 3

    You’re a Developer not a Designer. So how do you shine in this new world of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) while still leveraging your .NET skills? This 2 hour overview will get you up to speed on the latest Microsoft Silverlight, Expression Studio and Visual Studio has to offer. Go beyond hello world and get the latest tips and tricks to make your application shine. You’ll be surprised how easily you can create a working web application that is engaging to your users, and integrates with your existing web architecture.

    Level: 200-300 | Length: 1:45

    Building Composite Silverlight and WPF Applications using Prism and MVVM

    When you have two UI technologies like WPF and Silverlight written in similar languages (XAML) but that run against different assemblies in different situations, it's not unreasonable to want to write a UI once and later be able to choose the best or both options with only a trivial amount of effort. This session will show you how to get the most out of your XAML-based applications and what architectural decisions can help enable these options from the beginning of the development cycle.

    Level: 200 | Length: 1:15

    Introduction to .NET RIA Services

    This session is an introduction on how Microsoft is simplifying the traditional n-tier application pattern by bringing together ASP.NET and Silverlight. Learn about patterns for working with data, implementing reusable and independently testable application logic, and application services that readily scale with growing requirements.

    Level: 200 | Length: 0:30

    Where to sign up?

    Each event is from 1pm to 5pm and will also come after an early morning IT Professional session.  So if you’re curious in learning more about Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 you can come early and stay for the Developer goodness in the afternoon.

    City Date Register
    Total 7 locations!
    Baltimore, MD 8/19/2009  Register
    Washington DC 8/20/2009  Register
    Roanoke, VA 9/10/2009  Register
    Allentown, PA 9/21/2009  Register
    Malvern, PA 9/22/2009  Register
    Norfolk, VA 9/25/2009  Register
    Harrisburg, PA 9/29/2009  Register

    Hope to see you there!

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  • DaveDev

    Even developers and designers are not immune to this economic downtown - Microsoft wants to help.



    Internally at Microsoft there has been talk about how we can help developers and designers in this economy. The beginning of those efforts is now launching with ThriveDev a website dedicated to offering FREE resources on training, certifications, videos, as well as job posting and integrating with your local developer community.

    “ Although the economic news is looking a little brighter, we know it’s still tough out there…. to help Microsoft has put together Thrive -  a website all about helping you survive the recession and manage their careers in this tough economy.  Thrive pulls together a ton of great resources to help you learn new tasks faster, get access to discounted training, and certification and connect you with your local community. Thrive has lots of interesting insights from members of our own developer community who are sharing their stories and advice about what they are doing to manage their career in the downturn. “

    Some great upcoming features include:

    • .NET Rocks “Development in a Downturn” podcast series – 10 part podcast series focusing on developers in the community sharing their stories of how they have handled the recession, what they have learned and advice they have to share to others based on their personal experiences
    • Step by step resources to help you ramp quickly on new tasks. We’re being asked to take on more with fewer resources and limited training, these step  by step scenarios help save time and money.
    • How to be a better Developer” series – everything from community MVP’s weighing in with their advice, to how to leverage social networks to benefit your career, to “Driving your Career Forward” , a  32 part screen cast series on how to develop key soft skills that can help you be more successful on the job.
    • Job search functionality on thousands of development job openings across the country
    • Industry resources and articles on how to land a job; including a 4 part webcast series on “Getting a Development Job in the Current Economy” 
    • Community Connection to find local developer events and user groups

    Be sure to stop on by and check it out as well as letting us know if there is anything you'd like to see on the site.

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