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    Halo 3 Pre-Launch party in NYC!



    This is an invite only event, and I have tickets

    If you are interested leave me feedback and I will get you an RSVP code.  Event is almost sold out, time to finish the fight (and get some Halo swag too)!

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    POKE 36879


    I cannot recall the exact form of advertising that hooked me: magazine, TV, billboard, or even a movie preview. But, it was around Christmas time that I told my parents I wanted a computer.  It was a conscious decision I had come to, a decision of which I could not be swayed.  I remember having quality time with my Dad every Sunday, when he would help me with my paper route.  "Computers are the future." he would say.  "Well Dad it is time for my future now!  Some day these things will change the world." I would retort.  And so I waited for that morning...

    I got a Commodore VIC 20 that year.  It came with a blinding fast tape drive, of which one could load and save programs!  Just hit play, get in the family car, drive to the movie theatre and watch the matinee.  Come back some two hours later and your program had loaded.  Oh, but I did not care, it was magical!  There was nothing I could not do with the computer, the only limiting factor was my imagination.  I read through every page in the computer manual.  Typed in every line of code I could find.  I spent hours creating my own "Games" filled with racecars, spaceships, even "Choose your own path" ZORK based games.  But it all started with these first few lines:

    1 FOR X = 1 TO 255
    2 POKE 36879, X
    3 PRINT "* POKE 36789," X
    4 FOR T = 1 to 1000: NEXT T
    5 NEXT X

    The computer screen would ignite into a display of wondrous colors.  "Look at that!" my family would say.  "Look at what Dave made the computer do!".

    Over twenty years of passed as I sit here now and write this.  Every piece of technology inside that computer has changed.  But that little kid inside me, that wonder I felt when I first turned it on.  That feeling has never left me.  That vast open field of possibility as one sits at the keyboard is still here today.  "Computers are the future" Dad would say.

    Well Dad, here we are.  It's time to change the world.  Let's just be sure to bring along a faster tape drive this time.

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    What is it?  We live in a digital age where images and videos are captured all the time.  These images have information about real places in the world.  Even the picture you took of your kids playing in the backyard contains information about that space!    These images are often posted to someone's blog, a photo sharing site,  a family picture album website or even on postcards in your local gift shop.  Imagine taking all of those pictures and mining the relationships between them to create a model of that space in three dimensions.

    Intrigued?  Watch this TED Conference video on the Microsoft Labs blog.  It will take you on an amazing journey through the possibilities this type of technology opens up. 

    Official site also found here

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    Announcing the 2008 Financial Services Developer Conference








    March 12-13, 2008

    Marriott Marquis Hotel

    New York, NY

    Event 03





    As always, conference attendance is FREE. Breakfast and lunch for both days is provided as well as a welcome reception on the first night of the event. You are responsible for all other travel and hotel expenses.








    6th Annual Microsoft Financial Services Developer Conference

    Please join us as we celebrate the sixth year of the Financial Services Developer Conference! This year promises to be one you will not want to miss!! Come listen to presenters across a wide spectrum of organizations – including Microsoft Product Managers, key partners and your industry peers. In addition, we will be hosting the 2nd Annual Windows in Financial Services Developer Innovator Awards as we recognize industry leading solutions leveraging the Microsoft development platform. In honor of National Women’s History Month in March, we will be celebrating the accomplishments of female leaders and pioneers in Financial Services and Technology via a live panel with our 2008 Women Leaders of Wall Street (“Willows”). 

    The 2008 Microsoft Financial Services Developer Conference will focus on providing developers and architects in Financial Services a clear roadmap of the Microsoft development platform with a focus on High Performance Computing (HPC).

    In celebration of the conference’s 6th year, we are building on the momentum of years past. We will be highlighting trends and best practices in the HPC space, including:

    ·         A strong roadmap that will empower customers and partners to leverage Microsoft’s current and next wave of technologies to ensure that they are operating with optimal efficiency and performance.

    Other key topic areas include:

    1.     The Software + Services space (S+S)

    2.     Technologies such as Office Business Applications (OBA), Excel Services

    3.     Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS)

    These are just some of the technologies that will be covered at this two-day event - register now as space is limited! As a reminder, the event is free and includes a welcome reception at the Marriott Marquis on the first night sponsored by our Platinum and Gold partners!

    Register today by clicking here.


    For your convenience, a block of rooms has been reserved at the Marriott Marquis at a rate of $329. You are responsible for your own reservations which can be made by calling (212) 398-1900 or 1-800-843-4898 by Tuesday, February 12, 2008 to receive the discounted rate. Be sure to reference the Microsoft Financial Services Developer Conference. After this date rooms will be available at the going rate.



    Register Today






    Are you a WPF guru?  Got some background in Financial Services? Would you like to get exposure in front of the entire devcon audience? How about being published in the Financial Services Magazine, free hotel stay in nyc for the devcon, a zune and an xbox elite+games??

    Be sure you hop on over to the Lab 49 contest site today and check it out!



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