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    6th Annual Financial Developer's Conference in NYC is here! March 12th-13th


    Just a reminder that the 6th Annual Financial Developers Conference in NYC starts on Wednesday.


    I will be one of the presenters on the first day.  My session will focus on how developers today have a slew of new tools and technologies to help aid them in the constant demand for better user experiences.  But which one should I use? SharePoint, AJAX, Webforms, Winforms, OBA, WPF, Silverlight?  Do the buzzwords not end?  This session will set out to give you a better idea of which tool fits the job as well some hands on coding and demos.  Should be a lot of fun!


    With close to a 1,000 attendees, numerous partners, a live DotNetRocks podcast and a brand new 2009 Lincoln MKS showcasing Sync technology there is something for everyone.  Registration is free but space is limited.  If you are in the area please do stop by for a chat. 

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    Silverlight Streaming


    Channel 9 is running an excellent video on Silverlight Streaming and how it is being used for the Halo 3 HD Videos I previously mentioned here

    Check it out here!

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    Important - VS2008 Beta 2 VPC expires on Nov 1st!


    Looks like the Base OS image that the VPC uses is expiring early.  I know a lot of you have been using the VPC to play with Orcas, myself included. 


    Here is the scoop...

    We recently discovered that the VPCs we distributed as part of the VS2008 Beta2 release will expire on Thursday, November 1, 2007, much earlier than we had originally expected.  Since the timeout is at the OS level, we cannot automatically extend the timeout period.  As such we are currently in the process of reissuing the VPCs and expect to make them available early next week.


    In the meantime, for anyone that has stored information in TFS that they need to access moving forward, we recommend that you immediately backup the TFS databases in preparation to move them to the updated VPCs.  For information to complete these steps, please refer to the documentation on Moving Team Foundation Server.

    So make sure you back up your data, if you have any inside the VPC.  Best way to do this would be to make a shared folder and just copy over everything.  In fact, I find this the best way to work inside the VPC so that I can access all my projects on my local machine.

    Jeff Beehler has an update on his blog and some steps you can take.  Check it out here.

    If you are using a Visual Studio 2008 Beta2 VPC that was downloaded before October 29th you will be affected by this.  

    Updated VPC images are posted and can be downloaded right here! 

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    Microsoft releasing Source Code for the .NET Libraries?


    You bet!  With the release of Visual Studio 2008 Microsoft will be making viewable the Source Code for a lot of the libraries in .NET 3.5.  There will be two methods of viewing the source: a downloadable browsing format, or integrated into Visual Studio.  When integrated developers will be able to actually step through the source to the .NET classes themselves, while debugging.

    How cool would it be to take a look inside the System.Threading class?!?


    This includes the Base Class Libraries (BCL), System.Data, Windows Forms, WPF, and ASP.NET. Great stuff!

    Get the full scoop here off ScottGu's blog.  There is also a Channel 9 video where Shawn Burke discusses the announcement here.

    One of the major reasons I came to Microsoft was the companies shift in thinking.  Transparency towards its customer base and developers, starting with things like Channel 9 and most recently with things like this.  Change is good, and I hope you feel excited about drilling into some of this code as I am.  =)

    If you haven't already checked out Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, it is free download, comes with a go-live license, and is available as both a download and a vpc.  More info and download links can be found here.

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