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    Are you a developer or designer in the NJ/PA/VA area? I’m hitting the road and would love to meet you!



    Over the next three weeks I will be packing it up, hitting the road, and talking directly with Developers and Designers like you!  From Philly to Norfolk to Harrisburg to Pittsburgh I’ll be showing off in person everything Expression Studio 3, Silverlight 3 and Windows 7 can bring to your applications.


    MSDN Mid-Atlantic Roadshow

    First up is the rest of the MSDN Mid-Atlantic Roadshow.  Curious about Silveright 3?  Expression Studio 3?  I’ll be giving both an overview as well as tips and tricks I’ve picked up the past two years in Blend.  We’ll be giving away Expression Studio 3 trial DVDs to all attendees and raffling off some great prizes like Xbox 360 games.

    Creating Rich Internet Applications on the Microsoft Platform using Silverlight 3 and Expression Studio 3

    You’re a Developer not a Designer. So how do you shine in this new world of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) while still leveraging your .NET skills? This 2 hour overview will get you up to speed on the latest Microsoft Silverlight, Expression Studio and Visual Studio has to offer. Go beyond hello world and get the latest tips and tricks to make your application shine. You’ll be surprised how easily you can create a working web application that is engaging to your users, and integrates with your existing web architecture.

    Level: 200-300 | Length: 1:45

    City Date Register
    Stops Left 4!
    Allentown, PA 9/21/2009  Register
    Malvern, PA 9/22/2009  Register
    Norfolk, VA 9/25/2009  Register
    Harrisburg, PA 9/29/2009  Register


    Windows 7 Launch


    Next up are the official Windows 7 launch events! Interested in how you can use the new features in Windows 7 to enhance your application?  Multi-touch, jumplists and new graphics options are not only easy to code in but they offer competitive advantages.

    I’ll be covering both the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh launches so be sure to sign up and say hello.

    Win7 Launch image


    Philly Podcamp 2009


    After wrapping up the MSDN Roadshow and Windows 7 launch event I will be heading over on Saturday, Oct 3 to Philly Podcamp!  If you’re like me and convinced of the important changes New Media has brought about and continues to bring then this is your chance.  Not to mention an opportunity to completely embarress me in Guitar Hero.  You can register on the Philly Podcamp site here.

    Hope to meet you in person!


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    MSDN Mid-Atlantic Roadshow new dates announced! Arming you with Windows 7 and Silverlight keys to success.


    It was great meeting a lot of you over the past few months and I feel lucky to be part of the communities we have here.  September kicked off my first roadshow and I didn’t know what to expect.  From the open Q&A, hallway conversations, to the number of people who left ready to install Expression Studio 3 the enthusiasm was all around.  Thank you!  I was honored by the great evaluation feedback you gave me and hope to continue deliver top notch content. 

    Developers live in the real world

    Your feedback also confirmed what I had always thought important for these events.  Longer sessions on a single topic, real world examples, and a big picture view on why you would even want to look at the technology.  In a nutshell having speakers who have walked in your shoes and who realize developers don’t work in a bubble.  Understanding we all have to convince the very groups we work with sometimes on the benefits of a new technology before we even click that Install icon.


    I was on the other side of that podium listening to a Microsoft speaker talk about the new shiny stuff mere months ago.  All fired up and then I would go back to my cubicle at work and find myself programming plain old html again.  What is wrong with this picture?  It was a vicious cycle and something I hoped to change for you by providing not just the what’s new but the how do I impress my boss/business and how do I get the technology approved at my company?

    It is a theme I will continue to embrace and bring as we move to the end of the year and then into Visual Studio 2010/.NET 4.0 next year.  You can, and should, expect that same philosophy from the speakers you listen to.  It’s time we all moved beyond “hello world” and into being the IT partner the business has always asked of us.      

    Windows 7 is here but are we ready?

    The Windows 7 Philadelphia and Pittsburgh launches were a great time for me.  Who knew I’d have my name up in lights on the big screen some day?  The Dev tracks were packed with hundreds of people who came to get a glimpse of what was new in 7.  Many of you enjoyed the Multi-Touch demos as well as diving into how to code some of the Windows 7 specific features like trigger start services, jump lists and the new taskbar.  You also asked me if I  would be doing a local recap.  


    I am proud to announce the next MSDN Mid-Atlantic Roadshow kicking off this November!  I will follow the same style I did at the previous roadshow and attempt to bring you all real world examples that go beyond hello-world.  Whether this includes commercial off the shelf software already using the great new Windows 7 features or practical applications of Multi-Touch on the web (think Silverlight for Visually impaired).  I’m hoping to give you a 105 minutes you’ll enjoy and be able to use. 

    Here is how the day will pan out:

    What’s new in Windows 7 for Developers

    Windows 7 has many improvements in both performance and user interface that you can take advantage of in your applications.  This session will give an overview of how to code in those features users will expect such as Libraries, the new Taskbar, and Jump Lists.  We will also look at taking advantage of several performance improvements like Trigger Start services and the new Windows Troubleshooter.  Finally, we will look at adding some of the new interface options available such as Multi-Touch and the Ribbon Menu to your existing applications.

    Level: 200  | Length: 1:45

    My fellow road showers will also being doing the same for Silverlight.  A longer, single session with a focus this time on data and networking.

    Data Access and Network Options in Silverlight

    Wondering about the most effective way of getting data into your Silverlight application? Trying to sort out the different options available? Then this session is for you. We will provide an overview of the different networking and data access techniques available in Silverlight. We’ll show examples of using each of these technologies, and along the way, we’ll also look at the role these technologies can play in other .NET applications, as well as look at the Sample Data feature in Expression Blend 3, and how to transition from Sample Data to production data in your applications.

    Level: 200 | Length: 1:45

    Where to sign up?

    You can sign up using the registration links below and  Each event will from 1pm to 5pm with refreshments being served.

    City Date Register
    Total 5 locations
    Pittsburgh, PA 11/12/2009  Register
    Harrisburg, PA 12/1/2009  Register
    Reston, VA 12/3/2009  Register
    Roanoke, VA 12/8/2009  Register
    Malvern, PA 12/10/2009  Register

    Hope to see you there!

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    Upcoming Microsoft events in Malvern, PA


    If you are free on Saturday, December 15th and local to the Malvern area stop on by for some exciting Silverlight and Robotics Studio Sessions!

    Here is a blurb...

    XNA and Robotic Studio Day


    We are also hosting a XNA Studio and Robotic Studio event on the same day as Silverlight Firestarte event. It does not matter if you are a seasoned developer, a hobbyist or a student. Come and enjoy this great event.


     8:30–9:30 AM

    Breakfast and Registration

     9:30–10:30 AM

    Introduction to Microsoft Robotic Studio

     10:30–11:30 AM

    Robotic Studio Essentials

     11:30 AM–12:30 PM


     12:30–1:30 PM

    Introduction to Microsoft XNA Game Studio

     1:30–2:30 PM

    XNA Essentials

     2:30–2:45 PM


     2:45–3:45 PM

    Building 3D Games with XNA Game Studio and C# Part 1

     3:45–4:45 PM

    Building 3D Games with XNA Game Studio and C# Part 2


    Silverlight 1.0 Fire Starter

    This daylong event is free to anyone who wants to learn about designing and developing with Microsoft Silverlight 1.0.

    Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 is a cross platform browser plug-in that enables for easy development of media rich web sites.  


    8:00–8:30 AM


    8:30–10:00 AM


    10:15– 1:15 AM

    Microsoft Expression Design Tools

    11:15 AM–12:15 PM

    XAML Essentials for Silverlight

    12:15–1:00 PM


    1:00–2:00 PM

    Developer Tools for Silverlight

    2:00–3:00 PM

    Media, Markers and More

    3:00–3:15 PM


    3:15–4:15 PM

    Silverlight and AJAX

    4:15–5:00 PM

    What will Silverlight look like in future versions? WPF

    5:00–5:30 PM



    Registration Links:

    Silverlight Firestarter event 

    XNA Robotic Studio event



    More info on Dani Diaz's blog here.

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    Silverlight 1.1 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 RTM Available!


    Go grab them here.

    Via Scott Guthrie...

    " The tools alpha refresh released today has the same feature-set as the Silverlight Tools Alpha add-on which was previously available for Visual Studio 2008 Beta2 (it has simply been updated to work with the final VS 2008 release).  This feature-set includes basic Silverlight 1.1 project system support, XAML markup editing and intellisense support, debugging support, Expression Blend project compatibility, and VB and C# code-behind intellisense.  You can find quickstart tutorials that detail how to use these features here.

    The next public preview of Silverlight will include a ton of new runtime features, as well as a significantly enhanced VS 2008 tooling support.  I'll be blogging more details about this shortly. "

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