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    The new look of Channel 9


    For all you niners out there... please check out the new look and feel of channel 9 by going to the Beta Site.  The team would love to hear your Feedback!

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    Virtual Tech Party


    For those who could not make Tech Ed 2007 this year, hop on over to Virtual Tech Ed !  Visual Studio 2008, Sql Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 all stopped by the party! 

    Come Sit down and dig into a steaming bowl of Webcasts.  Followed by a crisp, sparkling drink of Virtual Labs.

    You will need all of your energy if you are going to get all the way to 1.21 Gigawatts! Time to go... Back to the Future!

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    Surface UI Demo using Silverlight


    For those who do not already know, the new Surface technology from Microsoft Labs is running on a Vista PC using a .NET WPF application.  Hmm, sounds like a good opportunity for Silverlight to show how this could be ported cross platform cross browser, no?  Well someone has done just that already!  The demo loads several images and allows you to stretch the images by moving the corners with your mouse, or moving them around by dragging the image center.  Check out the demo here .

    Head over to Delay's blog to get all the information and source.  Remember you will need Orcas Beta1 and Silverlight tools to compile and run. 

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    What is it?  We live in a digital age where images and videos are captured all the time.  These images have information about real places in the world.  Even the picture you took of your kids playing in the backyard contains information about that space!    These images are often posted to someone's blog, a photo sharing site,  a family picture album website or even on postcards in your local gift shop.  Imagine taking all of those pictures and mining the relationships between them to create a model of that space in three dimensions.

    Intrigued?  Watch this TED Conference video on the Microsoft Labs blog.  It will take you on an amazing journey through the possibilities this type of technology opens up. 

    Official site also found here

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