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    The journey continues

    I’m sad that I haven’t written more on this blog over the years, especially when I see all the kind words and encouragement in your comments. The simple truth, though, is that I find I can only write about what I’m currently working...
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    Which Style of Workflow When?

    Windows Workflow Foundation supports three basic styles of workflow: Sequential, State Machine and Data-Driven. I get a lot of people asking me which style is right for their problem, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on this with you all. Let...
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    An open model

    Well, here I go again. It seems I must be having fun! And, I admit, I’m encouraged by the kind words I’ve received so far – for which, thank you. But let’s hope this doesn’t turn into one of those ‘blog fast, dry young’ affairs. Last post, I talked...
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    What is Workflow, and why bother?

    Workflow, of course, is one of those deeply overloaded terms that hinders communication as often as it helps, so I’d better say what I mean by it. Workflow comes down to just two ideas: that there is work to do, which a workflow sees as opaque units...
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    Blissfully happy at the PDC

    I've spent the last two whole days talking to people about workflow! That's one for each of the years I've been working on what the world now knows as the Windows Workflow Foundation. The release from the pressure of my contractual code of silence...
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