February, 2009

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About Random thoughts of a dev

Useful tips and tricks I have found during developing, including information about Live Framework (Mesh/Azure) and Surface.

  • Random thoughts of a dev

    Map your devices with Live Framework

    I’m glad to see that this blog is getting quite popular, so I’m going to keep the same strain for the moment and extend the MeshageBoard walkthrough once again. The code written so far for the cloud, so that all the data we were adding and viewing was...
  • Random thoughts of a dev

    Share your Mesh data with Contacts

    Now to one of the most powerful items in the Mesh: ability to share the data between anyone with a live passport. So if you have been following the past few entries I have been working through the MeshageBoard Walkthrough, and the final part is to...
  • Random thoughts of a dev

    Media in the mesh

    Hello again, last time I covered how to create and view Data Entries within DataFeeds and also said about looking into MediaResouces. Over the past week I have been creating an extension for the console application and allowing the browsing of everything...
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