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June, 2004

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    InfoPath 2003 SP1 and Active Directory

    I figured I'd be the only one in the developer division not blogging about Beta 1 ! When I was on the InfoPath team, I wrote a hands on lab ( Lab 15 )which talked about using managed code with InfoPath. Excercise 3 of the lab talked about using managed...
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    Virtual Server 2005 makes software testing more effecient

    While that sounds like a press release tagline, it's the honest truth. For those of you not familiar with Virtual Server 2005, read this review or the Microsoft Virtual Server site Some of these features are not unique to Virtual Server, but are...
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    Pairwise Testing for Dummies

    So, imagine that you're a tester, and your job is to test a pogo stick. Yes, a pogo stick. So, you sit down, and brainstorm (like I did just now) a list of things that you might try to do to break the pogo stick, while still within bounds of “normal”...
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    Even the burglars take off their shoes...

    http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/news/20040615p2a00m0dm005000c.html ...speechless...
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    Hello, World

    Hello everyone! I don't really have a very well thought out plan for what exactly I plan to blog about, but here's my first crack at it. Software testing in general InfoPath 2003 (and SP1) The CLR (specifically the NGEN tool) Japan stuff...
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