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September, 2004

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    Status Reports in InfoPath

    When I transitioned from the InfoPath team to the CLR team, I wanted to take some of my knowledge of InfoPath and put it to good use here. After browsing the intranet sites, I noticed that there had been several different attempts at designing a status...
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    Wasabi: It's not just for sushi anymore

    Sushi Condiment Wasabi Doesn't Clear Noses: http://content.health.msn.com/content/article/94/102703.htm However, it apparently prevents tooth decay: http://content.health.msn.com/content/article/36/1728_66834.htm I'm ready for my wasabi-flavored Listerene...
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    .NET vs. J2EE WebSphere Study

    I just found this on the web today: http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1645550,00.asp Apparently .NET did pretty well against WebSphere. Disclaimer : Now, I'm as skeptical as the next guy when it comes to studies, but and I have virtually no knowlege...
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    Passing First Grade shouldn't be this hard!

    I'm currently studying for the Japanese Langauge Proficiency Test, Level 1.. There are 4 levels, 1 being the most difficult. The test is only offered once a year (in December), and this year I'll be able to take the test in Seattle. Here's a brief overview...
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    You want a shake with those fries?

    Another interesting thing I've discovered about Japan is the rigidity of their set menus. One day while I was in Japan, I go into McDonald's with my parents, and ask what everyone wants so that I can order for them. My mom tells me that she wants a Teriyaki...
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    The Shinkansen Countdown

    So, I'm waiting on the platform in Nagoya for my shinkansen (bullet train) to arrive. The reserved cars were all sold out, so I had to take my chances with the non-reserved cars, since I'm a bit short on time. The thing about riding in the non-reserved...
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    Japanese parking lots

    So, just got back from my 4 week vacation to Japan, so I'll probably have a few more Japan themed posts coming up. Here's something I noticed when I first went over there, and it struck me as odd again this time around. Everyone does back-in parking ...
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