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  • Blog Post: Know the bugs in your area

    This is a simple one, but easy to overlook. I'm going to make the assumption that you are familiar with bug reporting, and that you have some sort of bug tracking database. Bugs (as in the bug reports, not the actual product mis-behavior itself) are just another way of communicating information. There...
  • Blog Post: Virtual Server 2005 makes software testing more effecient

    While that sounds like a press release tagline, it's the honest truth. For those of you not familiar with Virtual Server 2005, read this review or the Microsoft Virtual Server site Some of these features are not unique to Virtual Server, but are useful nonetheless. Simultaneous Virtual Machines...
  • Blog Post: Pairwise Testing for Dummies

    So, imagine that you're a tester, and your job is to test a pogo stick. Yes, a pogo stick. So, you sit down, and brainstorm (like I did just now) a list of things that you might try to do to break the pogo stick, while still within bounds of “normal” use. (Running over the pogo stick...
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