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November, 2005

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Hurray... there is finally an "About the blog author" link... so I am going to move my links here.


  • David Wang

    Child URL Execution and SSI #exec

    Question: My web server was recently upgraded from Win2K to Win2003 and I've noticed a change in the way Server Side Includes (SSI) operate. In Win2K a script called via #exec was run as if it were part of the calling SSI file. This had two affects...
  • David Wang

    Can I Install an ISAPI Filter as an ISAPI Extension or Wildcard Application Mapping?

    Question: My ISAPI filter written in MFC using Visual Studio .NET 2003, to replace character (I am replacing " ' " with " ` " in URL) works fine in my development machine having IIS 5.0, but fails in server having IIS 6.0. I am getting Internal Server...
  • David Wang

    Podcasting can be...

    Fun, unless one is constantly tripping over one's words/phrases. I apologize. Most of the time when I talk about something I like, my brain feels like it is going at 120mph, racing through the details, while the mouth goes at a more pedestrian pace...
  • David Wang

    My Mac Mini Impressions

    This weekend, I finally found some time to unpack, setup, and use the Mac Mini that I had bought two weekends ago. Even though I am a long-time PC user and have barely dug into OS X, I have to say that I am very satisfied and impressed with the entire...
  • David Wang

    Hacking .Net Framework onto WINPE ?

    Question: Re: http://blogs.msdn.com/david.wang/archive/2005/10/24/The_Joys_of_Vista_Unattend_Setup.aspx Here, you mentioned how Vista obviates the "need to push customized WINPE CDs with the .Net Framework and WMI hacked onto it". But back to...
  • David Wang

    Thoughts on Connection_Abandoned_By_AppPool

    So, lately I have been getting a variety of questions about non-IIS but related issues. This is a slippery slope... but let me see how far it can go. Question: dear david: I have a problem about the application pool ,it will crash after some...
  • David Wang

    ISAPI Filter and the N+1 Architecture?

    Question: Hi David, I am developing an ISAPI Filter to prove the N+1 Architecture.There will be few static sites, few dynamic sites and few cgi perl script sites will be there. Can you please tell me how ISAPI performs for CGI Perl Scripts. Thanks...
  • David Wang

    HOWTO: Run as normal user (non-admin) on Windows

    Sometimes, I wonder and worry about the vast majority of Windows users that run with administrative privileges. Most of them probably do this blindly because it is the default auto-login for Windows XP and do not know any better. This tells a lot about...
  • David Wang

    HOWTO: Insert Multiple Website Bindings

    Hmm... I am somewhat confused by proclamations of asking for advice when things are supposedly working correctly. I guess I will try and answer the question... Question David, I have tried using your script and things are working correctly. Please...
  • David Wang

    HOWTO: Install and Run ASP.Net 2.0 Side-by-Side

    Hmm, this is one of the more unusual questions that I have received lately... Question: how do you setup asp.net 2 along side with asp.net 1.1 in Windows 2003/IIS6? do i need sdk or redistributable package? Answer: The Redistributable package...
  • David Wang

    IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet Impressions

    Much to my surprise, my Tablet PC arrived on Tuesday. I had a long weekend out-of-town, had been very busy at work, and I spent a lot of free time just fussing around with the Tablet PC... so I have not been spending a lot of cycles with new blog entries...
  • David Wang

    Webcast Series: Microsoft.com Operations

    Ok, I usually do not do these plugs because I wager you want to read interesting, synthesized information (after all, you could just go read the IIS documentation... aha, I thought so, no one wants to go do that! :-P ), but Chris Adams managed to get...
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