I finally got around to setting up and re-arranging my office after the completion of the Office Move. Like Wade, I spend the extra time and effort to disassemble all wires of my computers prior to moving and reassemble them myself after the move. My main reasons for doing this?

  1. I want to be responsible for how my machines are wired. One of the worst feelings is to have a kernel debugger misconfigured following a move and waste time figuring out what happened in the middle of a debugging session
  2. I re-optimize my wiring depending on the location of the power/networking jacks as well as machine placement. Usually, I decide on a machine layout after seeing them in the new office, so I will likely undo any existing wiring efforts done by the movers... might as well do it myself

In other words, I am just picky when it comes to my machines and how they are arranged. :-)

Well, this time I remembered to take pictures of my new office after I finished wiring everything up.

As you can see, I do not like clutter and highly value clean, contiguous space, so I basically stashed all my computers into one corner of the office so that I can have an entire wall of just whiteboards.

And another nice thing with this particular office's layout is that I can stash my old move boxes (which accumulate every time I move offices) into a recessed area so that I do not need to unpack them. Out of sight, out of mind. :-)

Yes, there is a little stuffed radioactive-green frog lounging across the top of my LCDs.