Suppose I told you that you get to direct an IIS development "A" team to solve your issues with scaling out and managing a farm/cluster of IIS servers.

What issue would be your top wish? Ok, you can give more than one, but you must prioritize and give reasons why one is higher priority than the other.

Here are some thoughts to get you thinking. Maybe you want to:

  • Synchronize IIS configuration and content between two machines, either manually, periodically, or on-file-change-or-update. SAN is not the only solution and it does not work for IIS configuration.
  • Diff the configuration/files of one machine against another.
  • Treat multiple IIS servers as one logical entity to execute commands against and aggregate/report outputs back.
  • Aggregate and Monitor performance counters from multiple IIS servers into a single view with definable warning thresholds
  • Aggregate log files from multiple IIS servers into one
  • Provision your server and footprint your apps/sites - how many apps/sites can run on a server?
  • Blue Sky...

I would like to know what bothers you when it comes to scaling out and managing multiple IIS servers, what you think (or have done) to resolve the issue, and what you think would work for the future.

Alright, enough talking from me. Time to make your wish count. :-)

FYI: This is a golden opportunity for you to make a wish and most likely see results from it *fast*...