Ok, I know I said in this blog entry that the IIS Diagnostics Toolkit "a la carte" release was "close", two weeks ago. At that time, I had finished all development work, submitted my changes, and requested an official build so that Chris can do final verification before the files get signed and placed on Microsoft.com for download. I thought it should be "soon" because how hard could it be to simply repackage binaries/MSIs that already built?

Well, I *finally* saw signs of a successful build of the corresponding MSIs an hour ago... two weeks after the fact. In between, several builds either outright failed for various reasons, such as out of disk space, wrong build machine, or picked up old files from *somewhere*. I still do not know what is going on there, but after several builds, I finally saw a successful build that contains the necessary changes.

So, now we are all waiting on Chris to make the test pass through the MSIs to make sure your myriad of upgrade/installation paths get verified... I had to make a whole bunch of manual changes to get the WXS files into the Windows OOB Build System, which invalidates earlier testing.

I swear... I still think I should have just built the MSIs myself, attach them onto entries in my blog, and hosting it off of blogs.msdn.com... or something like that. This red tape of waiting around for someone else to do something which I practically provided/automated/fixed for them, all in the name of "process", really, really annoys me.

Hehe... <rubs hands> Release should be Real Soon (TM) now. ;-)