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April, 2006

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Hurray... there is finally an "About the blog author" link... so I am going to move my links here.


  • David Wang

    HOWTO: Install and run PHP on IIS7

    Question: Hi all, I have trouble to configure PHP 5 (CGI mode) in IIS 7 on Vista 5308... What I did: - Download and unpack PHP - set user permission to PHP folder AND script folder (IIS_IUSRS and Internet Guest Account) - in IIS Manager: Added...
  • David Wang

    Thoughts on Changing Response Content Type

    Question: Hi I´m using IIS 5 with ASP NET 2.0. I´ve develop an isapi application. the response content type its text/hml it´s posible chaged to text/xml thanks Answer: In general, the handler which generates the response should own its...
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