For those of you who enjoy photos and putting faces to names... here is one of the entire IIS7 PM, Development, and Test team.

Fortunately, the weather Thursday afternoon was pretty agreeable, so the picture came out well.

Random Factoids:

  • For the curious - I am the one in the white mock turtleneck just right of picture center, behind the kneeling Sergei.
  • This photo is taken with Bill's Nikon digicam (Bill is in grey/green rolled up long sleeved shirt and jeans on the very left)
  • Yes, the IIS team is representative of the skewed male:female ratio at Microsoft
  • Eric is holding up a picture of Jaro, who is away on vacation
  • We wear a lot of jeans

In a future blog entry, I will post an annotated photo with short bio so that you can better put names with faces and IIS7 features.