Ok... I have just returned from my three week vacation in Europe. Jet-lag is kicking in about now, so I am going to sleep.

I had a blast visiting London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Cologne, Brussels, Luxembourg, and Amsterdam... I will get to observations about them future entries. For certain, I learned to appreciate several cultural and technological differences which I never understood until observing them in the public mass-transit systems across several countries...

I took 4GB of SD memory with me on the trip, and I used up every last bit of it with over 1,000 pictures and mini-movies. Yeah, I did take more pictures on this trip than I have the past several years combined. Now, I have no idea where to host any number of them as a photo gallery since I've never bothered with such services (remember, I tend to be on the trailing edge of using this "technology" stuff)...

Since I really went dark the past three weeks as far as electronics communication and much of technology is concerned, I now have that deluge of blog comments (sheesh, spammers have been doing a good job lately), email from work and friends, and the usual monthly finance stuff.

I get this feeling that I will need *another* vacation just to recover from the "life" correspondence-pile-up of this of vacation.

Sigh. Isn't technology just wonderful? ;-)