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September, 2008

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Hurray... there is finally an "About the blog author" link... so I am going to move my links here.


  • David Wang

    WebDAV, Source, and Read Permissions on IIS

    Question: Hello: With the new WebDAV upgrade in IIS 7.0, there is a permission named "Source". How is the "Source" permission different from "Read" please? What if "Source" is enabled but "Read" is not?? Answer: Source and Read permissions...
  • David Wang

    Managed Modules and ISAPI Filters

    Question: Hello, I have an isapi filter and a managed module. I need to put both in the same website and I need that the manage module run before the isapi filter. The sequence are: Module--->ISAPI filter. How can I do this? Answer: The...
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