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Its official - Windows Azure Media Services provide live and on-demand streaming of 2014 Olympic Winter Games – and to prove it, a big hello from Turin, where I am working with the Deltatre team:

Microsoft is also working with DeltaTre to bring the Olympics to 24 nations including Canada, Japan, all of Latin America and the Baltic countries. DeltaTre has built its solution on top of Azure Media Services to offer an end-to-end live and on demand streaming capability to hundreds of millions of people across these countries.

As the article mentions, this is not the first time we have been involved in the Olympics – if you want to know how we helped stream the London 2012 Olympics, read this blog entry from Scott Guthrie.

So, check out the Windows Azure site you want to know more about Windows Azure Media Services, and look out for more details of what we did with live streaming after the event.

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