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    New File Converter Coming Soon

    You might have recently heard something about the new "Microsoft Office Isolated Conversion Environment", a tool we are providing to help protect Office 2003 users from malicious content in Office files. You might be asking yourself what it is, and why...
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    More on Exception Handlers

    Sitting here at "Blue Hat" watching David Maynor present – pretty cool working for a company that can host its own security conference just to educate employees… A comment just came in that was a good question, and deserves a detailed answer – Arkon...
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    Is it a Read, Write or Execute AV?

    I didn't find this documented in the Visual Studio documentation, but it is in the latest Windows SDK. In case anyone was interested, and would like to be able to tell from inside an app whether an AV was triggered by NX, this will do it:   DWORD...
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