September, 2007

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This blog is about whatever security topics come to mind, and may occasionally wander off into other areas, like arcane C++ tricks. I'll primarily cover techniques to achieve more secure code, how to use some of the more interesting facets of the Windows operating system, and sometimes my thoughts about the general state of Internet security.

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    Office 2003 SP3

    We've just released SP3 for Office 2003, and it's been a lot of work. We're releasing a bit more in this service release than we normally do, but this is part of our response to the current security environment. I joined Office at the very start of the...
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    Threat Modeling the Bold Button is Boring

    I've been reading Larry Osterman's blog lately – he's a smart guy, and one of the very first people at Microsoft I ever met (virtually anyway – it was years before we met in person). Larry came to my defense when Seattle Lab tried to tell us that Windows...
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    Blog Comment Spam is Really, Really, Really Annoying

    I keep getting spam from some bunch of (expletives deleted) as comments to the blog. It's all: Nice. Interesting. Cool! With some bogus URL they're trying to get people to click on, from weird psuedo-Greek names mostly ending in 'os'. They...
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