December, 2008

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This blog is about whatever security topics come to mind, and may occasionally wander off into other areas, like arcane C++ tricks. I'll primarily cover techniques to achieve more secure code, how to use some of the more interesting facets of the Windows operating system, and sometimes my thoughts about the general state of Internet security.

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    New, Improved Office Crypto

    If you're enough of an Office crypto geek to stay on top of the most recent changes in MS-OFFCRYPTO, you already know about some of this, but my assumption is that most people aren't going to want to parse something that hard to read. What we're doing...
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    CVE Count and Statistics

    Larry Seltzer had some interesting comments on my post about the rate of Office vulnerabilities at Vulnerabilities and Office Versions There may be a little flaw in the analysis in that LeBlanc studied reports during the period from 9/18/2007 to...
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    Office Crypto KDF Details

    I've gotten a couple of questions asking how our key derivation function works. The technique is very similar to that described in RFC 2898, also known as PKCS #5. There are two key derivation functions (KDF) documented in this RFC – PBKDF1 and PBKDF2...
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