May, 2010

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This blog is about whatever security topics come to mind, and may occasionally wander off into other areas, like arcane C++ tricks. I'll primarily cover techniques to achieve more secure code, how to use some of the more interesting facets of the Windows operating system, and sometimes my thoughts about the general state of Internet security.

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    DSig Q & A

    I'm going to cover the answers to some of the questions that came in after Shelley answered the first round in her post . Q: What will happen if I try to verify a doc signed in 2010 in office 2007/Office 2007 ? A: I'm assuming that the person asking...
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    Office 2010 Digital Signatures and XAdES

    Shelley Gu, the program manager for Office signatures, has already posted the PM version of what we've done to improve digital signatures in the Office 2010 Engineering blog back in December. Her post is here . While Shelley did a nice job of an overview...
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    New “Improved” Site

    Hrmph. So they managed to disappear my last post, and now my blog looks really generic. I liked the way it used to look, thankyouverymuch. Then I discovered that while Word on my laptop somehow knew the right password, I didn't have it written down...
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    You don’t have to be faster than the bear

    Note – this post disappeared during the blog upgrade, recovered due to search cache. Just got done reading Michal Zalewski's really interesting post on the Zero Day blog, found here. His premise, which I don't debate, is that we've done a lousy job...
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