December, 2011

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About David LeBlanc's Web Log

This blog is about whatever security topics come to mind, and may occasionally wander off into other areas, like arcane C++ tricks. I'll primarily cover techniques to achieve more secure code, how to use some of the more interesting facets of the Windows operating system, and sometimes my thoughts about the general state of Internet security.

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    Compilers, Integers and Optimizations

    I've had a good bit of fun (for some value of fun) with hardening SafeInt against what I consider to be some nasty compiler tricks. The problem is that as soon as the compiler hits something that's technically undefined by the C++ standard, they're actually...
  • David LeBlanc's Web Log

    Bugs and Consequences

    I've been meaning to write about overzealous compilers, and nice geeky things, but I'm going to use this forum to vent a bit. When I make a bug that messes up a customer, I generally have to fix it. I'm fairly often face to face with the customer, and...
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